Concerned over plastic in drinking water? Take control with a ceramic filter

National media has this week been reporting on an issue of immense importance to health – the presence of plastic in drinking water.

A Doulton® ceramic water filter, manufactured in the UK to the highest world standards, is the best way to take control of the quality of the drinking water that comes out of your tap, for just pennies per litre. You filter the water just before you drink it, so it could not be fresher or tastier.

Doulton® ceramic filters are an excellent way of removing plastic micro fibres:


The fibres described are 2.5 microns in size. Doulton®’s ceramic filters are capable of removing particles much smaller than this (0.5 microns) as well as a multitude of other impurities.

To purchase Doulton®’s latest under-sink filter system, please visit: /product/ecofast-complete-system/