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Why Choose Doulton?

With DoultonĀ® you can guarantee superior ceramic water filtration technology for great tasting, healthy drinking water for your end users. Benefit from the experience of a world-famous manufacturer that has remained at the forefront of water filtration innovation since 1826.

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Product Performance

The DoultonĀ® facility, located in North Staffordshire in Great Britain, manufactures and distributes millions of ceramic filter candles to over 140 countries every year.

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Why Ceramic?

Water passing through layers of rock is an effective process of natural filtration and using ceramics from naturally occurring raw materials, is one of the oldest and most efficient means of water filtration.

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Product Range

Since 1826 DoultonĀ® has manufactured international market-leading water filters, water treatment cartridges (pre filters) and filter housings (to hold or connect filters).

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