chlorine added to water can be a problem for some allergy sufferers

Can Chemicals in Tap & Drinking Water Cause Allergy Symptoms?

A ‘Free From’ lifestyle is absolutely essential to allergy sufferers who need to consider very carefully what their body comes into contact with.

And it’s not just food allergies that are a concern; latex, dust mites and chemicals can make day-to-day living very difficult for people managing an allergy.

Free From is so much more than a lifestyle choice for many people – it is a way of life that is necessary.

However, irritants not necessarily identified as allergens could also be adding to the daily symptoms of sufferers – including the chemicals found in drinking water.

Chlorine allergy

Asthma, eczema and dermatitis are frequently linked to allergies – and, of course, can often be triggered by an allergic reaction.

Chlorine can be a major problem for asthma sufferers and have a real impact on skin conditions – even being an irritant in itself. While references are often made to chlorine allergies it is still medically identified as an irritant.

Can you be allergic to tap water?

Its not the water itself causing tap water allergy symptoms, it’s the chlorine in the tap water that causes an allergic reaction.

Added to water as a disinfectant to destroy bacteria within the drinking water and to keep it clean on its journey to our taps, chlorine, unfortunately, can also worsen asthma and eczema symptoms.

The main problem with chlorine is that it is an irritant – and enough exposure can lead to a reaction, particularly in people dealing with allergies, asthma, and eczema.

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Asthma, eczema, and chlorine

Chlorine has been linked to respiratory issues in that it irritates the lining of the respiratory tract, while research has indicated it could play a part in developing respiratory allergies and asthma.

Likewise, anyone who suffers from eczema or contact dermatitis will be well aware that chemicals and detergents, in particular, play a huge part in worsening the condition.

Identified as a skin irritant, exposure to chlorine can lead to hives and can be particularly problematic in further drying out the moisture parched skin of people with eczema.

Can you be allergic to fluoride?

Fluoride is another chemical often added to tap water that has come under scrutiny for its wider health implications. Added to municipal drinking supplies across the world to boost dental protection, critics cite numerous health concerns in arguing for the practice to be stopped.

In terms of allergies, while there is research that has indicated that fluoride can prompt an allergic reaction in some people, this is again classified as an irritant.

Reported effects of fluoride contact with those sensitive to the chemical include inflammation of the mouth and skin, hives, contact dermatitis and respiratory irritation.

How to avoid chemical allergens in drinking water

The use of chlorine as a disinfectant is particularly wide-spread and established, while fluoride use is regional and subject to ongoing opposition.

Either way, if those chemicals are in your drinking water the best way to protect yourself from possible reactions is to use a water filter.

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