Product Range

Since 1826 Doulton® has manufactured market-leading water filters, water treatment cartridges (pre filters) and filter housings (the casing to hold or connect your filter).

Choose from a wide range of effective solutions developed to match different household water flow rates, housing units and target numerous pollutants.

How to find out what you need

Contact your Local Water Authority to enquire about your mains water supply. They will be able to inform you of the chemical agents added to your drinking water at the treatment works and any possible contaminants that may have accessed the water on its way to your home. Understanding what water supply you have will make it easy for you to accurately select the best candle grade for your filter and any additional pre filters required.

Your Doulton® options

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Each filter has a range of candle grades that determine the filter performance to tackle specific contaminants within your water. Candles are available in a choice of two lengths and two diameters with a short mount or long mount depending on where they will be housed.

Pre filter water treatment cartridges are designed to reduce elements such as hard water, fluoride levels and sediment particles.

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Finally, you will need to know how your filter is to be connected to your mains water supply. There are options to store it under the counter, on your counter surface by the sink, or on the wall. If there is no mains water supply, a choice of gravity fed options is available.

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Choose one or combine several elements together and you can finally be assured of greatly improved drinking water for the whole family to enjoy 24/7. It really is that easy.


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