Pre Filter Cartridges

Doulton® water treatment cartridges, or pre filters, offer even more choice for your family to enjoy superior tasting water. They are designed to filter additional contaminants found in your drinking water alongside your chosen filter candle grade.

Pre filters are compatible with under-counter and counter-top range of housings and can also be used in the DUO® housing alongside your choice of ceramic filter candle.

Sediment and particle pre filter

The sediment and particle pre filter is ideal for areas subject to high sediment levels within the water supply. This pre filter is designed to remove elements as small as five microns in size to provide healthier, better tasting drinking water.

Cleansoft® pre filter

Hard water can cause damage to some smaller household appliances and reduce the lifespan of products. The Cleansoft® pre filter works to protect against hard water elements by reducing the build up of limescale and lowers the damage to your ceramic candle filter, prolonging its life. This process subsequently reduces the hardness of your drinking water and removes the unpleasant chalky taste sometimes experienced.

Fluoride pre filter

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance that can help to guard against tooth decay. Water treatment companies often manually add the chemical under highly regulated levels. The Doulton® fluoride pre filter works to reduce the level of fluoride in your drinking water to your requirements.



Filter Housings