Common Contaminants

It isn’t always easy to tell if there are contaminants present in your drinking water, even by taste, smell or appearance. Adding a filter system into the equation puts you and your family back in charge of your drinking water to make it even better.

A range of Doulton® ceramic filter elements and pre filter cartridges are available – the grade you select will depend on which contaminants you want to remove from your local water supply.

The main contaminants to be aware of, that could affect your water, are listed below.

Pathogenic bacteria

These bacteria are infrequent in your domestic mains water supply. They can, however, be found in unchlorinated private water supplies and stored water, which provides a perfect breeding environment for bacteria.

Pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and cholera are responsible for many common types of waterborne diseases, some fatal in certain parts of the world. Doulton® water filters are proven by independent laboratory testing to be 99.99%+ effective against filtering the pathogenic bacteria shown in our filter performance table.

Waterborne cysts

Waterborne cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia are very common. Access into your water supply can be easy as they are found in human and animal faeces and can survive for long periods. Resistance to chlorine and other chemical treatment methods can result in stomach and digestive illnesses, even if digested in low quantities.

The good news is that absolute filtration (less than 1 micron) is effective and independent testing proves that 99.99%+ of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts are removed.


Disinfectants such as chlorine are added during your water supply treatment stages. They are extremely effective in killing bacteria but the dead microbes are never actually removed, which can cause unpleasant tasting drinking water. Risk can also be associated with chlorine reacting with water organics to produce cancer-forming carcinogens.

Rust and other particles

Numerous particles, often invisible to the naked eye, can be found in water originating from old iron pipework. Particles accumulate as your water travels from the treatment plant to your home.

Independent testing has verified that Doulton® water filters can effectively remove 99.99%+ of rust and other particles through the ceramic filter.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals such as lead can cause mental and physical illnesses; the effects on children and pregnant women are widely reported. Metals are not normally present in natural or treated water supplies, however, they can leach into water through old pipe systems and building materials.

Heavy metals can be effectively filtered through a special carbon block that targets the compounds.

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Contact your Local Water Authority to obtain information about the water supply to your area. When you understand the water you have and its possible contaminants choose a filter grade to meet the filtration performance you require. It’s really that easy to take charge of your drinking water.

Tackle those nasties in your drinking water with a Doulton® ceramic water filter.


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