Water Quality

Healthy water is essential for the human body to function effectively and for a healthy lifestyle. Contaminated water tastes and smells unpleasant and can have major health implications through carrying contagion.

Your mains drinking water

Thankfully, our tap water supply in the western world is drinkable but it can vary in quality dependent on a number of factors and the journey it endures before reaching your kitchen. Collected from vast rainwater reservoirs and recycled from expended household and commercial sources, water is treated to make it safer for human consumption.

Chemical treatments vary, as do the sources of drinking water, quality control and levels of contamination. This can affect the taste and odour of your drinking water and is the reason why so many of us choose to purchase bottled water and jug filter cartridges. Your Local Water Authority can inform you of how your water supply is treated.

A multitude of micro-organisms and other pollutants can be washed into your water from the surrounding land. Whilst many of these elements can be naturally occurring minerals and are beneficial to your health, some substances can be extremely harmful, especially if absorbed over long periods.

Bottled water

Popular perception of bottled water usually infers the purest form possible from a single supply source and therefore, consistency and high quality. Despite this, many bottled water providers are simply supplying filtered tap water in a branded bottle.

On price comparison alone you would expect bottled water to be a much higher quality than tap water although questions about water source, its filter processes and contaminant testing are often difficult to obtain from bottled water companies.

Private water supplies

Private water supplies taken from wells, streams, rainwater collection tanks and other sources lack the benefit of properly controlled treatment. As a result, the water is unchlorinated, which often leads to bacteriological contamination. Unwanted particles such as sediment and rust from old pipework, and impurities found in animal faeces, can seep into the water supply from the surrounding land.

A consistent water quality solution

A DoultonĀ® ceramic drinking water filter has the highly consistent and controlled pore structure necessary to provide genuine sub micron filtration of a wide range of waterborne contaminants whilst locking in valuable minerals.


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