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We welcome any feedback from our customers. Great tasting water is essential to our survival and leading a healthy life. We continue to evaluate and innovate, and part of our success is due to effective customer communication and integration.

Here is what our customers have to say:

I received my delivery of the double Doulton countertop filter, thank you! Before Doulton I had the double countertop Hydropure filters then 5 Britta jugs. This tells you how concerned I am about the quality of the water because I think all our ills and illnesses come from the water! 1. The flow of DOULTON filters is stronger than that of Hydropure! 2. The Doulton filtered water is ten times greater than the water of the Hydropure. 3. Very sweet and very pleasant to drink! An exceptional taste! 4. Doulton filtered water does not deteriorate like the water of Hydropure over time !! The difference is INCREDIBLE !!!! Oh! You must taste both to believe it!

Thanks again for your kindness. Your kind, professional & prompt help is most appreciated.

Thank you for this good customer service, it can be a rare find nowadays and is much appreciated.

Not only do I like the fact that I can feel assured that my drinking water is safe, it also tastes good and the filters last a long time!

I have used other brands of filters in the past and the Doultons are much superior.  I now take my water system with me when I travel and use it exclusively instead of purchasing bottled water.

Very good put straight in touch with someone who was able to identify which water filter we required.

Definitely would recommend, top quality

The taste of filtered water is amazing.  I literally cannot drink the water from our taps anymore.  One night I believe it gave me indigestion when I drank from the bathroom tap.  Every household should have access to filtered water!

Your staff did go the extra mile to provide the information with detailed and clear replies.

A1 serviced provide.  It was prompt, effective and efficient service from the outset.  The overall service exceeded my expectations.

Have bought Doulton filters for the last 10 years to take abroad for filtering rain water to drink – ordering and delivery has been very efficient.

Definitely would recommend, just very pleased with the filter system.

I thought the customer service agent went above and beyond to help me.  Very quick to respond to my queries.   I had several questions and all were answered satisfactorily.

I was very impressed with the helpful answers to my questions and friendly manner.  Also he was perfectly correct in saying that I would love the taps and the filters which I do.

First class customer service pity a few more companies aren’t like it.

Definitely would recommend, it does what it says on the packet!

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