How Can Drinking Water Help In Managing Allergies?

This week marks Allergy Awareness week (23-29 April), which aims to promote greater understanding of this very serious problem affecting increasing numbers of people.

With no cure, effective management is essential for allergy sufferers to avoid potentially fatal  allergic reactions – and drinking water can play a part in this.

An allergic reaction occurs when the body’s immune system recognises something as a threat and produces antibodies and histamine to fight this.

Does Drinking Water Help Allergies?

Can drinking water help to alleviate allergies?
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Histamine plays a major part in the body’s response in the event of an allergic reaction and hydration has an effect on histamine levels.

When the body becomes dehydrated, histamine levels rise to help preserve water in the body. Water regulates histamine.

As such drinking water is essential to helping maintain normal histamine levels. While drinking water in itself will not act to prevent or treat an allergic reaction, avoiding dehydration by drinking water will help to maintain normal histamine activity.

Taking steps to remain hydrated by drinking enough water means that instead of battling to retain water levels in the body, histamine can concentrate on tackling allergens.

A healthy immune system is important in fighting all health concerns and providing our body with the best tools to maintain good overall health is always better for wellbeing.

Allergic reactions: drinking water can help manage allergies

Can Dehydration Cause Hives?

Drinking water and atopic eczema

Good hydration is also important to maintain moisture levels in the skin, which is important when fighting allergic reactions that manifest themselves through atopic eczema and dermatitis.

While an itchy rash or hives caused by an allergic reaction will usually need to be dealt with by the application of specialist creams, the condition of the skin is a major factor in controlling flare ups.

People who suffer from eczema generally also have dry skin and drinking water is important to help prevent skin from drying out further. Stay hydrated with a water filter bottle.

Eczema and dermatitis can lead to skin becoming blistered, dry, cracked and sore. To help the skin heal – and to help control itchiness – it is important that it remains well hydrated.

The drier the skin is the more susceptible it is to cracking and flaking.

Making drinking water an important part of your routine could have a positive impact on skin conditions and allergies through helping skin to maintain moisture levels.

Drinking water to keep the body hydrated helps to keep blood flowing around the body along with all the components, such as antibodies and histamine that keep us healthy.

Drinking water regularly will put in place the foundations of good health and wellbeing that will allow the body to concentrate on fighting allergic reactions when they occur.

Installing a water filter is a good way to encourage all the family to drink more water – find out more here.

Allergic reaction: drinking water can help manage allergies