Everyone should have access to clean drinking water - that is the ethos that underlines the work of "Give Me Tap".

Working in a perfect cycle this initiative links members of the public to a network of establishments where they can feel at ease requesting water refills for their BPA-free ˜Give Me Tap™ bottles by using an app to map out partners. 

How Give Me Tap is helping to fund a global solution

From the money paid for these re-usable stainless steel bottles, Give Me Tap donates 20 per cent to funding projects to bring clean drinking water to communities in Africa.

That 20 per cent donation is enough to pay for access to clean drinking water for one person for five years.

To date the project has completed 20 water projects - mainly in Ghana - bringing clean drinking water to thousands of families.

Not only is Give Me Tap bringing an essential resource to those desperately in need, it is also giving people ready access to free drinking water - and cutting down on the environmental cost of buying water in plastic bottles.

100 per cent support

Its ethos is admirable and one that Doulton Water Filters is proud to be supporting.

Access to clean water is essential to life and wellbeing and the leap from making tap water easily available wherever you are, to bringing this life-source to communities in dire need is an initiative that deserves and demands support.

Doulton is proud to give its 100 per cent backing to the cause and is now selling Give Me Tap bottles in support of it - directing all profits straight back to Give Me Tap.

To underline Doulton Water Filter's commitment to this cause we will also be offering a 10 per cent discount off any water system when bought alongside a Give Me Tap bottle.

Quality counts: Use a water filter for better taste and wellbeing

At Doulton, we believe that everyone should have access, on tap, to the best quality water possible. Drinking water that has been filtered using a Doulton system will be the best quality - in terms of both taste and wellbeing.

Doulton's unique ceramic filters, meet the highest standards to reduce the presence of and disinfectants in drinking water, including lead, salmonella, E. coli and chlorine.

Our message is this: Give Me Tap - but make it Doulton filtered

Daniel Berko