With 25,000 visitors and a 100 percent focus on the water industry, Aquatech is the ideal forum to discover, share and develop ideas. Innovation has always been a cornerstone of the exhibition with companies encouraged to showcase their push for better solutions and a brighter future.

We are delighted to, once again, be returning to Aquatech to reinforce its commitment to remain at the forefront of quality and innovation in water filtration.

Always pushing for better

Held in the Netherlands, Aquatech provides energy and focus to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide more efficient water use across the globe. While all industry evolves to meet the needs of a changing market, in the water industry, these challenges have intensified. Water is not a luxury product, it is a necessity, and meeting these challenges by ensuring continued access to a clean water supply for people all over the world is of vital importance.

Doulton are and always has been, committed to innovation. From our inception more than 185 years ago, Doulton has sought ever better ways to provide clean water. From using ceramic filtration to make the filthy waters of the River Thames potable in the Victorian era to developing complex filtration technology that can reduce nitrates, bacteria, and chlorine in drinking water, we've continued to evolve.

While too many people in the world still do not have access to a clean water supply, the issues of ensuring access to clean drinking water and reducing waste and energy use have also become serious concerns.

Sustainable Hydration

Affordable, efficient, trustworthy and sustainable solutions are important to the future of the water industry and to families across the globe. Innovations need to be kinder to the environment by minimising waste and reducing the amount of wastewater.

Doulton is built on a legacy of longevity and believes in longevity as a solution to the throwaway culture that is fuelling issues such as chronic plastic pollution. Using natural materials, Doulton Water Filters has applied innovation consistently to its ceramic water filters. Using technology and research to produce filters that offer absolute filtration that is they remove up to 99.99% of common contaminants.

Applying this ethic to portable water filters, Doulton has worked hard to provide a high-quality water filter in its latest innovation the portable filtered water bottle to enable sustainable filtration on the move as well as at home with the new luxury kitchen filter system - the Royal Doulton ELITE.

Innovation and a dedication to improving products for a better future are an essential part of a strategy to provide sustainable hydration and clean water for everyone.

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