How do I clean a ceramic filter candle?

We recommend a gentle, evenly applied buffing with a scouring pad until the whiteness of the ceramic returns.

Rubber gloves are recommended to be used during cleaning and NEVER use soap or detergents. If rubber gloves are not worn, we recommend that you wash your hands before and after servicing the filter.

Ensure that the end of the plastic mount does not come into contact with unfiltered water.

See how to clean your filter.

How do I know when my ceramic filter element needs cleaning?

When your water flow (the speed water comes out of your tap) lessens, it might be time to clean your water filter. Find out how here.

Why is my ceramic filter element discoloured?

This is great news - your filter element is working! All that discolouration has been trapped on the filter's surface and is safely removed from your drinking water.

My ceramic filter seems to block up regularly; is it working correctly?

Absolutely, this means that your ceramic filter is trapping dirt and bacteria that would otherwise be in your drinking water. If you find your filter blocking too often, look at using our Duo systems with a Sediment pre-filter that will help stop the blockages. Find out more here.

Do I need to sterilise the candle after cleaning?

No, there is no need to sterilise the ceramic candle. All our filters have bacteria inhibiting features built in.

What happens if I leave the filter unused for a period of time?

If the filter is left unused for more than 24 hours, run at least 2 litres of water to waste before dispensing to drink, to ensure that your filtered water is fresh.

Will hardness affect the performance of an Biotect Ultra filter element?


How do I keep the inside of my filter housing clean?

The filter housing is best cleaned by unscrewing the body from the head and wiping the surface and the inside of the body with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. Do this when you change your water filter.

Why has my water flow lowered?

When in use, particles such as rust or sediment can get trapped on the surface of your filter, causing the flow rate to drop. If so, your filter may need a clean between changes. Find out how to clean your filter here.


Can I recycle my old ceramic filter?

You should be able to recycle the plastic mounts* and compost the old filter element or use it to help with drainage in the bottom of your plant pots.

* Check with your local recycling centres the mount is PPO and the adaptor ABS.

We suggest safely removing the mount using light pressure with a hammer to break it from the filter element. Next, cover the ceramic with an old rag and gently break it into small pieces, again using light pressure with a hammer.

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