Encouraging your family to drink plenty of water and develop healthy hydration habits is essential to their well-being. To enjoy the best possible drinks in your home start by using a Doulton® water filter to ensure the quality of your tap water.

Whilst removing contaminants, Doulton® water filters retain all of the natural, healthy minerals in your water, so you can trust that the whole family are getting the very best health benefits from drinking water. Doulton® water filters are trusted by millions of families worldwide to provide clean, healthy, great-tasting water into their homes.

Take a look at ways in which installing a Doulton® water filter can help to remove contaminants from your home and make it a hydrated, happy and healthy place for all of the family. 

1. Improved odour and taste

Doulton® water filters remove >99.99% of contaminants from your tap water, improving the appearance, taste and odour. The more your family enjoy drinking water, the more they will drink, helping them to stay healthy and hydrated.

2. Healthy minerals

Whilst removing contaminants, Doulton® water filters retain all of the naturally occurring minerals found in water which make it healthy and taste great.

3. Managing allergies

Chemicals, usually chlorine, which are added to water to keep it fresh can worsen allergy systems. Using a Doulton® water to remove disinfectants can help in the management of allergies, including asthma.

4. Cost savings

Bottled water costs up to 500 times more than tap water (London Gov). Using a Doulton® water filter provides the cost-effective alternative to purchasing bottled water.

5. Reduce single use

38.5 million single-use plastic bottles are used in the UK everyday (Parliament UK). With a Doulton® water filter, you can reduce the need to purchase single-use bottled water or even become a plastic free home!

Doulton® water filters offer a highly effective method of removing contaminants from water, leaving you with natural, healthy water bursting with taste and packed full of minerals. Here’s how it works: 

A Doulton® ceramic filter is made from natural earths and has a tiny pore structure of less than 1 micron in size which provides an effective barrier against even the tiniest of dirt particles, including micro-plastics

Multi-stage high efficiency filtration >99.99% removal of bacteria, cysts and particles

Anti-bacterial formulation to inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic

Whilst removing contaminants, Doulton® water filters retain all of the healthy, natural minerals which are beneficial to health.

Healthy water, full of minerals, full of taste. 

EcoFast - Complete System

EcoFast – the quick change, auto shut-off
environmentally-friendly drinking water filter.

filtadapt® Pebble

A Counter-Top system complete with
BioTect Ultra filter.

HIS Push Fit

Quality stainless steel housing with push-fit connectors in the head for convenient installation.

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