How A Home Water Filter Could Benefit You and Your Family!

A home water filter is a great way for you and your family to enjoy high quality drinking water on tap!

But what is a home water filter and why is the drinking water it delivers ‘high-quality’? Put simply it is a filter system that removes impurities directly from your water supply - vastly improving the quality of the water you drink and cook with.

As an example, chlorine is often added to drinking water to act as a disinfectant. Our water filters have been scientifically proven to remove this from your drinking water. Recent studies have also found the presence of plastic micro-particles in tap water with even higher levels being recorded in bottled water. A water filter offers protection against this by filtering out plastic down to a size of just 0.5 microns.

What does a home water filter do?

What a home water filter doesn’t do is even more important, because they don’t remove the healthy minerals that are found naturally in drinking water such as:

- Calcium – Vital to the healthy development of bones and teeth.

- Magnesium – Helps transform food into energy.

- Potassium – Helps the heart function normally and balances fluid.

- Sodium –Helps to maintain fluid balance.

- Copper– Essential to growth and development. Copper also supports the growth of blood cells.

- Zinc – Helps wounds to heal and supports cell development.

- Phosphorus – Supports the development of bones and teeth.

Home water filtration is also an easy step to take to cut your waste footprint – and with Doulton’s ceramic water filters being made from natural materials it’s an ethical and healthy choice too.

We all generate waste but think about just how much waste could be avoided if families shifted to drinking healthy water from the tap rather than buying copious amounts of plastic bottled water - it’s unnecessary and costly.

The quality of tap water is proven and the cleansing powers of Doulton water filters are also proven. Fresh, clean, and great-tasting water that is full of healthy minerals is readily available at no extra cost – so why persist in fuelling the problem of plastic pollution and needless waste by buying bottled water in plastic bottles?

How can I review the home water filters available to me?

At Doulton we offer a range of filters and water treatment systems so you can enjoy high quality drinking water with the peace of mind that you’re doing your bit to cut plastic waste.

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