How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day?

The human body is made up of around 60% water and it depends on water for many functions. Water aids the body to regulate temperature, maintain healthy digestion and helps to transport nutrients and the distribution of oxygen to vital organs. To find out more and discover more benefits of staying hydrated, click here.

In the UK, the NHS Eatwell Guide recommends 6-8 glasses of water per day. The recommended daily water intake is however dependent on the individual, as different people require different amounts of water to stay hydrated depending on their age, weight, health, and the amount of physical activity undertaken.

When Should I Drink More Water?

There are some circumstances in which we should drink extra water to avoid dehydration. For example, exercise plays a huge part in your hydration needs. During any physical activity that produces sweat, it’s important to replenish your body by increasing your fluid intake and drinking plenty of water to help your body restore natural hydration levels.

Weather and temperature can also impact how much water is required and the recommended daily water intake for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding is more than the normal water intake. Find out more about circumstances when you should drink water here.

How Can I Calculate How Much Water I Should Drink Per Day?

The Mayo Clinic have conducted research and claim that it is possible to calculate exactly how much drinking water individuals need to consume. Take a look at how to calculate how much water you should be drinking in our blog here.

How Should I Stay Hydrated?

Water is the best drink to stay hydrated, and it has the added benefit of being sugar and calorie free. Installing a home water filter can help the whole family to enjoy more water and stay hydrated.

If you find it hard to drink water, why not try adding fresh fruit and herbs to liven up the taste? Adding fruit to water can make water look and taste delicious, and help to encourage children to drink the recommended daily intake of water.

Whilst the majority of your water intake comes from drinking water and other beverages, don’t forget that food provides around 20% of your total fluid intake. Eating foods that are rich in water including watermelon, strawberries, cucumber and many other fruit and vegetables can help you to stay hydrated and contribute water to your diet.

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