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Encourage the children to love the water they drink with Doulton® Kids Club.

Getting little ones to drink water doesn't have to be a challenge. Doulton® Kids Club will help children to understand the importance of drinking water and encourage healthy hydration habits, reducing the amount of fizzy pop they drink and increasing the amount of water they enjoy.

Whether at home or away, discover the Doulton® range of home water filters, gravity-fed systems and portable water filter bottles for delicious, healthy water wherever you go. Download the FREE Doulton® Kids Club activity pack, full of exciting activities for a happy, healthy and hydrated children!

Download and print your FREE Kids Club autumn activity pack, full of exciting colourings, quizzes and ideas for fun, plastic-free activities over Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Encourage little ones to stay hydrated by making your very own Doulton water 'Halloween Fruit Punch' and teach them the importance of swapping sugary snacks for healthier alternatives during the spooky season!

Doulton Kids Club Activity Pack | Doulton Water Filters

Download and print your FREE Kids Club activity pack, full of exciting word searches, colourings, quizzes and more. Encourage little ones to stay hydrated by colouring in a delicious glass of Doulton® water for every glass they enjoy!

Download and print the brand new, FREE Kids Club activity pack. Find the Doulton Kingfisher whilst learning about the impact of plastic on our environment and what we can do to help reduce single-use plastic waste! 

Happy, Healthy & Hydrated Work Booklet | Doulton Kids Club

Drinking plenty of water helps to maintain energy levels and improve concentration, helping children to learn, develop and be physically active inside and outside of the classroom

As a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, water can help children to avoid oral health issues such as tooth decay which can be caused by the consumption of sugary drinks

With children being active and spending alot of time on the go, staying hydrated is vital to replenish the water that their bodies lose through physical activity throughout the day

Water helps to transport the necessary nutrients and minerals needed for healthy growth and development to different parts of the body, ensuring bodily systems function as they should

Drinking water can help to strengthen and boost children's immune systems, helping all of the body's systems to function correctly and helping little ones to fight off sniffly noses and other symptoms!