This summer, we are encouraging children to love the water they drink with the launch of Doulton® Kids Club.

With schools closed for summer and temperatures on the rise, many families will be looking for activities to keep little ones occupied during the holidays. The FREE Doulton® Kids Club activity pack is full of exciting activities for a happy, healthy and hydrated summer holiday.

Getting little ones to drink water doesn't have to be a challenge. Doulton® Kids Club will help children to understand the importance of drinking water and encourage healthy hydration habits, reducing the amount of fizzy pop they drink and increasing the amount of water they enjoy.

Whether at home or away this summer, discover the Doulton® range of home water filters, gravity-fed systems and portable water filter bottles for delicious, healthy water wherever you go.

Download and print your FREE Doulton® Kids Club activity pack packed full of puzzles, colouring and much, much more for your children to enjoy. Take their very own activity pack to the airport, on those long car journeys during the school holidays, or complete at home on those rainy summer days! 

Let your little one's creativity run free with a range of exciting activities whilst they learn about the importance of hydration. To help encourage your children to drink more this summer, use the handy hydration chart and create a little friendly competition between family and friends as they colour in a glass each time they drink one! 

Drinking plenty of water helps to maintain energy levels and improve concentration, helping children to learn, develop and be physically active inside and outside of the classroom

As a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, water can help children to avoid oral health issues such as tooth decay which can be caused by the consumption of sugary drinks

With children being active and spending alot of time on the go, staying hydrated is vital to replenish the water that their bodies lose through physical activity throughout the day

Water helps to transport the necessary nutrients and minerals needed for healthy growth and development to different parts of the body, ensuring bodily systems function as they should

Drinking water can help to strengthen and boost children's immune systems, helping all of the body's systems to function correctly and helping little ones to fight off sniffly noses and other symptoms!

Whilst drinking water is important for everybody, children may be particularly vulnerable to dehydration. Children don't always recognise the feeling of thirst and are more likely to be physically active and therefore, lose more fluids that need to be replaced.

For children to best enjoy their time in the sun, make sure they're drinking plenty of water. Download our free guide packed full of top tips to encourage little ones to drink water and stay hydrated for a healthy and happy summer.