Love Water, Love-Doulton

Whether you’re washing fruit and vegetables, enjoying ice-lollies with little ones in the garden or having a refreshing glass of water with dinner, make sure the whole family learn to love water by using a Doulton® home water filter system.

Doulton® water filters provide a highly effective barrier to contaminants that could be present in tap water, improving the taste and odour of drinking water and encouraging the whole family to stay hydrated with delicious, healthy water.

As well as keeping the family hydrated, using a Doulton® home water filter is an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to purchasing bottled water.Great for the family, kind to the planet - what’s not to love about Doulton® water?

3 ways to enjoy Doulton water in the home

Tap water may be safe, but the treatment process can alter it’s taste and odour. Using a Doulton® water filter will encourage the whole family to enjoy more water at home in more ways than one. Here are just a few ways that filtered water can be enjoyed at home:

Improve the taste, texture and appearance of hot drinks including tea and coffee with water that is free from contaminants and full of healthy minerals

Cooking with unfiltered tap water can alter the taste of food. Enjoy the best quality drinking water for preparing food, cooking and baking

Encourage little ones to stay hydrated and drink more water by using delicious Doulton® water in squash

Indoors, outdoors and on-the-go, Doulton® has a solution to suit your lifestyle with a wide range of counter-top, under-counter and gravity fed filter systems. Stay hydrated, energised and refreshed with Doulton® water, wherever you go. 

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Doulton® water filters offer a highly effective method of removing contaminants from water, leaving you with natural, healthy water bursting with taste and packed full of minerals. Here’s how it works: 

A Doulton® ceramic filter is made from natural earths and has a tiny pore structure of less than 1 micron in size which provides an effective barrier against even the tiniest of dirt particles, including micro-plastics

Multi-stage high efficiency filtration >99.99% removal of bacteria, cysts and particles

Anti-bacterial formulation to inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic

Whilst removing contaminants, Doulton® water filters retain all of the healthy, naturally occuring minerals which are beneficial to health.

Discover the Doulton Difference

Whilst removing contaminants, Doulton® water filters retain all of the natural, healthy minerals in your water, so you can trust that the whole family are getting the very best health benefits from drinking water. Doulton® water filters are trusted by millions of families worldwide to provide clean, healthy, great-tasting water into their homes.