HFK Household Gravity Filter & 2 x ATC Super Sterasyl® System

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Doulton® HFK household water filter systems are a complete, low-cost gravity drinking water filter that is quick and easy to assemble and requires no power to operate. The HFK gives you the ideal solution for great-tasting, healthy drinking water within the home, without the need for plumbing installation.

Compact, portable and simple to operate. The HFK consists of two containers, the upper container is filled with untreated water which then filters down into the lower container, through 2 ceramic filter candles. This product can filter common contaminants such as chlorine, lead, bacteria, and cysts, microplastics and dirt such as rust.

Complete water filter system for the home, including 2 x 7″ ATC Super Sterasyl® candles.

The ATC Super Sterasyl® candles have a ceramic shell which is filled with granular activated carbon, to give superior flow rates in a gravity filter. This candle reduces particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, has additional chlorine and organics removal capabilities with the addition of heavy metal reduction media to filter the toxin, lead.

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Product Facts

  • Compact, easy to operate and portable
  • Can house 2 ceramic filter candles
  • Water is poured manually into the upper chamber
  • Efficient water filter system for the home

What’s in the box?

  • HFK Household Water Filter System
  • 2 x 7" ATC Super Sterasyl® candles
  • 1 Rubber Sealing Washer for each candle fitted
  • 1 Wing Nut for each candle fitted
  • 1 Dispensing Tap with plastic threaded nut and 2 black rubber washers

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    Product Information and Installation

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    Product Attributes


    3 kg


    Box height 32.5 cm, width 42 cm and depth 32 cm


    BPA free food grade polypropylene containers with snap-on lids

    Number of Filter Candles


    Filter Candle Type

    7 inches long x 2 inches in diameter (177 x 49mm) long threaded mount


    Water is poured manually into the upper chamber

    The product is suitable for

    • Whilst travelling or at home as a quick solution for filtered water
    • In locations with unreliable supply of safe drinking water
    • In locations with no reliable pressurised water supply
    • Emergency and relief situations