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Royal Doulton ELITE®

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The Royal Doulton ELITE® brings a new dimension to drinking water through the highest standards of filtration.

Complete home drinking water filtration system, including:

  • M14 ELITE ceramic filter candle with an absolute filtration rating of +99.99%
  • Dedicated Royal Doulton® etched pillar tap with LED indicator for filter replacement
  • Patented quick change, auto water shut off housing for ease of filter change
  • Full installation kit included

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Compatible Candles

Installation Instructions

Video Guide to Installation

Product Performance
Specifically designed to be fitted to the mains cold water supply beneath the kitchen-counter this system is suitable for self-installation or a professional plumber.

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Product Attributes

Weight 1.89 kg
Part Number



345mm x 105mm (height x width)


Food Grade Plastic 

Number of Filter Candles


Filter Candle Type

10 inches x 2 inches (254 x 49mm) M14 mount


3/8” push-fit inlet and outlet

Flow Rate

1 Litre/min at 30psi

Tap Specification

Finish: Chrome
Height: 292.5mm Reach: 137mm Width: 72mm Base
Diameter: 25mm