Doulton® Filtered Water Shower Head Black

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The Doulton® Filtered Shower Head is a powerful, dual filtration system to significantly reduce unwanted chlorine and sediment from your shower water*.

Available in a matt, black finish to provide your bathroom with an impressive, modern look.

The stylish, stainless steel faceplate gives a superfine spray for an uplifting showering experience, whilst protecting your hair and skin from harsh chemicals.

Easily attach the product to your existing shower hose and use the switch feature to swap from un-filtered shower water to filtered, quickly and conveniently to save your filter life.

The Doulton® filtered shower is one of the best shower filters for chlorine reduction. It provides 8000 litres capacity which equates to approximately 2 months for a family of four**.

*In-house tested.
**Depending upon the quality of your unfiltered shower water.

Product Facts

  • Stainless steel face plate that gives a superfine spray
  • Switch feature lets you switch from filtered to un-filtered water to save filter life
  • Contains a dual filter system - reduces chlorine and sediment in your shower water
  • Inspection window in handle to view filter condition, ensuring that you always have the best shower

What’s in the box?

  • Shower Head Filter in Black
  • Filter Disk
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual

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Product Information and Installation

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Product Attributes


3 kg


Box height 32.5 cm, width 42 cm and depth 32 cm

Part Number



Showerhead: ABS and Stainless-steel.
Filters: ABS, PP and activated carbon fibre.

Number of Filter Candles

1 Sediment Filter
1 Chlorine Filter

Filter Candle Type

Sediment Filter Disc and Push Fit Chlorine Filter


Push Fit for Filters
1/2" Threaded for Showerhead

The product is suitable for

  • Whilst travelling or at home as a solution for filtered shower water
  • Users who require chlorine and sediment removal from their shower water