‘Single-use’ is the Word of the Year for 2018, Let ‘Longevity’ be the Word of the Future

There should perhaps be little surprise that ‘single-use’ has been named as Word of the Year as it has been on the lips of consumers and commentators ever since Blue Planet shone a light on plastic pollution.

While the fact that we need to be so concerned about plastic pollution is tragic, the fact ‘single-use’ has become a part of everyday conversation is great for raising – and maintaining – awareness.

This raised awareness and frequent use of the phrase ‘single-use’ has seen it named as the Collins Dictionary Word of the Year for 2018.

Single-use plastic is something we need to turn our back on. A material which has a purpose that lasts just seconds but takes up to 450 years to decompose is ridiculous.

Turn your back on single-use plastic water bottles

The footprint we are leaving when consuming single-use bottled water, using straws and wrapping up food is too large – and unsustainable.

The saddest truth is that there is no need for so many of these single-use items that are destroying marine life and polluting our oceans.

Public empathy for the plight of the natural world and commitments from the UK Government and the EU to ban some single-use plastic has helped campaigners keep plastic pollution concerns highly visible.

Using a water filter gives you high quality drinking water on tap, filling up a reusable bottle to take out with you is simple, while many businesses offer free tap water refills. Stainless steel lunchboxes mean there is no need for cling film, and do you really need to buy an apple ready-sliced in single-use plastic?

It is not just plastic that is a problem, our throwaway culture is creating huge mountains of waste. Rather than convenience this is the time to embrace longevity and invest a little more on products that will last a long time, we will all save in the long run.

A Doulton Water filter is the permanent solution, providing fresh clean water every day – imagine how many single-use plastic bottles that would cut out and how much money you could save?

The money doesn’t make sense; continuing to pay for plastic bottled water instead of drinking healthy filtered water straight from the tap in your own home.

Choose products that offer longevity

While single-use is the word that has woken the world up to shocking extent of the plastic pollution problem, let longevity become the new buzz word to take its place.

Through embracing longevity and sustainability we can all, individually and as a collective, make a change.

Now is the time to turn your back on single-use plastic and choose a longer-life solution. Start by ditching plastic bottles of water and choose filtered tap water instead.

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