Having a water filter jug hanging around doesn’t mean you can rely on it to provide healthy drinking water.

Water jugs can lose 50% of their filtration efficiency within just two weeks of purchase or after cartridge replacement.  In fact, most jugs are no match for the disinfectants, heavy metals, bacteria and plastics that you thought were being removed.   

Many water jugs use a low technology filter system that removes too much or too little and fails to combat microscopic or diverse particles.

Doulton® water filters are manufactured using a ceramic pore structure resulting in an absolute filtration rating of 99.99%* plus that filters sub-micron particles and pathogenic bacteria.

Additional pre-filter cartridges complement filters to target contaminants specific to your water quality.

Contact your local water authority to understand the characteristics of your drinking water and check what contaminants may be present.

Click here to download facts about the importance of filtering drinking water and the benefits compared to normal tap water.

Healthy water. Full of minerals. Full of taste.

Improved taste and odour free – removing contaminants and retaining healthy minerals ensures drinking water is packed full of flavour

Cost saving – a Doulton® water filter can last up to 6 months and filter up to 2,300 litres of water, equating to just a few pence per litre

Mineral retention – essential minerals are maintained in your water

Think green – Doulton® water filters are derived from 100% naturally occurring raw materials and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

99.99% filtration capability – Doulton® water filters effectively remove chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and cysts from water

Save the planet – substituting bottled water for filtered water helps to reduce plastic waste, which is damaging to the environment and harmful to wildlife.

Click here to download facts about the importance of filtering drinking water and the benefits compared to normal tap water.

“Before Doulton I had the double countertop Hydropure filters then 5 Britta jugs. This tells you how concerned I am about the quality of the water because I think all our … illnesses come from the water! 1. The flow of DOULTON filters is stronger … 2. The Doulton filtered water is ten times greater …. 3. Very sweet and very pleasant to drink! An exceptional taste! 4. Doulton filtered water does not deteriorate … The difference is INCREDIBLE … You must taste both to believe it!”
“I have used other brands of filters in the past and the Doultons are much superior. I now take my water system with me when I travel and use it exclusively instead of purchasing bottled water.”