Ensure your Doulton® water filter is in optimum condition and delivering the best quality Doulton water with the new Doulton® app.

Monitor the service life of your Doulton® water filter and receive notification when it’s time for a replacement. Healthy water, free from contaminants and packed full of taste, every time.

Download the FILTACHEK® App on iOS and Android app stores!

The FILTACHEK® app is packed full of benefits and features, including:

Track and monitor the service life of yourfilter

Receive notifications when it’s time to reorder replacement candles and cartridges for your filter

Authenticate your Doulton® product with a simple QR code scan

Register your Doulton® product with a simple QR code scan

Keep up to date with exclusive Doulton® news and offers

Watch handy installation and instruction videos.

Take a tour of the app with our handy preview video!

The Doulton® app gives you a real time view of the life of your Doulton® water filter and full access to your My Doulton® account, allowing you to keep the highest quality water flowing for the whole family to enjoy.

Everything you need to keep your Doulton® filter performing at it’s best, in one place. Take a look at the key features here:

Browse through our FAQ’s below and get any questions regarding the Doulton® mobile application.

The Doulton FILTACHEK® app is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You will find the relevant store links above.

Unfortunately, the Doulton FILTACHEK® app is not available on the Windows App Store at this time.

The storage usage for the Doulton FILTACHEK® app is:
- IOS - 27MB
- Android - 35MB

Yes! When on the app, simply select "Set up a New System" and you will be able to add another Doulton® filter.

If your filter is authentic, it will have a QR code, this can be used to authenticate your product by scanning it with the Doulton FILTACHEK® app.

When trying to authenticate your product by scanning the QR code, ensure that the lighting is good, your product is placed on a flat surface to reduce shaking, you have a clean camera and you're pointing the camera directly at the QR code from a distance to enable your phone's camera to focus on the code correctly.

If it's still not scanning, you can manually enter the code with your Unique Authentication code and Product Reference Code.

When using the app you should receive a notification or if you sign up to our recurring order scheme you'll receive an email reminder. These messages will let you know each time your Doulton® filter element is due for replacement.

When using the Doulton FILTACHEK® app, if you select the shopping cart icon from the menu at the bottom of the screen you can view our range of water filters.

Simply select the one you'd like, enter the quantity and press "Buy". The app will take you through the checkout process and your order will be placed.

All app previews are for visual and marketing purposes only.