Trading with the World

Trading with the world

Doulton is a household name in Britain. We’ve been making ceramic water filters since 1826.

Our filters are used in millions of homes all over the world to cleanse drinking water, keeping people from over 140 countries healthy, safe and well. Our customers tell us they rely on Doulton to deliver fresh, great-tasting water every day.

We are proud of our global network of successful Doulton and British Berkefeld Distributors and Resellers, who supply our products to the many thousands of consumers who depend on them.


Doulton products are sold through our highly valued network of Distributors and Resellers, based in over 140 countries. Fancy becoming a Doulton Distributor or Reseller?

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Our ceramic filters are built with natural materials and produce fresh, clean, great-tasting water. Straight from the tap or on the go.

Doulton filtered water retains all essential health-giving minerals and is tested by independent laboratories including the NSF to reduce Bacteria, Particulates, Sediment, Limescale, Turbidity, Cysts, Chlorine, Lead and many other contaminants; and contains silver to impede bacterial growth.

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