Just because you can’t see contaminants in your drinking water doesn’t mean they’re not there. 

The water we drink can contain disinfectants, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, rust and plastics. And this is even after being cleaned at the water treatment plant.

Seek help to identify your drinking water and any possible contaminants by contacting your local water authority. Once you know whether you have hard or soft water and the levels of contaminants (fluoride and chlorine as common examples) the next stage will be to find a suitable water filter.

A quality water filter will remove bad contaminants and ensure that all essential minerals beneficial to your health remain. The result is a great tasting, natural flavour.

Doulton® water filters are manufactured with a ceramic pore structure to an absolute filtration rating of 99.99%*plus to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and sub-micron particles.

Enjoy great-tasting, clean water from a Doulton® water filter, free from impurities and full of healthy minerals for all your family.

Understand the importance of drinking plenty of fresh water with our top tips to stay hydrated.

Involve the whole family and encourage your children to drink more water by creating some of our favourite water infused recipes.

Healthy water. Full of minerals. Full of taste.

Improved taste and odour free – removing contaminants and retaining healthy minerals ensures drinking water is packed full of flavour

Cost saving – a Doulton® water filter can last up to 6 months and filter up to 2,300 litres of water, equating to just a few pence per litre

Mineral retention – essential minerals are maintained in your water

Think green – Doulton® water filters are derived from 100% naturally occurring raw materials and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

99.99%* filtration capability – Doulton® water filters effectively remove chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and cysts from water

Save the planet – substituting bottled water for filtered water helps to reduce plastic waste, which is damaging to the environment and harmful to wildlife.

Click here to download our tips on the importance of drinking water and exciting, healthy recipes to infuse your water.

“Have bought Doulton filters for the last 10 years to take abroad for filtering rain water to drink – ordering and delivery has been very efficient.”
“The taste of filtered water is amazing. I literally cannot drink the water from our taps anymore. One night I believe it gave me indigestion when I drank from the bathroom tap. Every household should have access to filtered water!”