Is An Under Sink Water Filter The Right Option for You?

Under sink water filtration systems are the ideal, discreet solution to enjoy great quality water at home, providing the finest drinking water straight from your tap.

Under sink water filter systems are designed to be fitted out of sight and to take up a minimal amount of space, making them perfect for any kitchen, any family and any lifestyle.

What benefits does an under sink water filter offer?

An under sink water filtration system fits directly onto your water supply and offers all of these benefits to you and your family:

- A long-term solution for top quality drinking water, straight from your tap
- They are convenient, discreet and compact, saving kitchen surface space
- Powerful under sink filters remove 99.99% plus of contaminants
- Target chlorine, heavy metals, water-borne cysts and pathogenic bacteria
- A high spec solution that is versatile, economical and ecologically sound
- Doulton® ceramic water filters are convenient, versatile and economical

Easy to install, long-lasting and hidden from view, an under sink water filter will provide great-tasting, high quality water on tap.

Installing under sink filtration is also an easy step to take to help the planet by cutting your waste footprint. With Doulton’s under sink ceramic water filters being made from natural materials it’s an ethical and healthy choice too.

Consider the waste that just one family generates during each day, week, month and year. By choosing to drink plastic bottles of water at home instead of filling glasses from the tap adds to the plastic problem the world is enduring. Loading up on multi-packs of plastic bottles shrink-wrapped in plastic is not only unnecessarily wasteful it is also a waste of money.

Where can I purchase an under sink water filter?

Find out more about the Doulton range of under sink drinking water filters here.

If you’re interested in a full under sink water filter kit - including water filter, cartridge, filter tap and installation kit - find out more here

Make sure your drinking water is always of the very best quality with Doulton® Under sink water filter replacement cartridges here