Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month, which aims to raise awareness of water pollution, the quality of our drinking water and how we can preserve it. Human activity can impact the quality of our water, and as one of Earth’s most valuable resources, individuals need to help to protect it.

Recognising how activities and actions that many people take most days can impact tap water quality is an important step to preserving drinking water quality. We can all contribute towards making sure that the water that flows from our taps is safe.

How to Protect Drinking Water Quality

There are various causes of water pollution including household products, industrial waste and agricultural run-off. Both organisations and individuals have a vital role to play to protect drinking water quality. Take a look at some simple, environmentally responsible actions you can take to prevent water contamination and maintain drinking water quality standards:

-Prevent the creation of microplastics that are entering into water supplies by reducing plastic waste. Take a look at our ’10 Top Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste Guide’ here

-Dispose of chemical cleaners, medication, oils and other non-biodegradable items properly to prevent them from going down the drain and entering water supplies

-Use non-toxic, natural household cleaners as an alternative to cleaners containing chemicals

-Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilisers

Find out more about why we need to care for the quality of our drinking water here. 

Protecting Against Contaminants in Water

Whilst ensuring that we take action to preserve drinking water quality, we can also ensure that we protect ourselves from contaminants that may still be present in tap water. Whilst tap water may be safe, it can contain disinfectants, heavy metals and particles such as rust and microplastics that you would not want to drink.

Installing a Doulton water filter helps families to take charge of the quality of drinking water in their homes, protecting against common contaminants found in tap water. Doulton under-counter water filters are discreetly installed under the kitchen sink for filtered water, straight from the tap. For an alternative home water filter system that does not require permanent installation, Doulton counter-top systems connect to the existing tap to dispense clean water directly from the spout of the filter unit.

The Doulton TASTE portable water filter bottle eliminates concerns relating to the quality of drinking water whilst out and about, packing a huge amount of expertise and filtration technology into a handy-sized bottle. Using a water bottle with a filter ensures that the water you drink whilst on the go, is the best quality it can possibly be, no matter which tap you fill up from.

Doulton ceramic filter candles remove >99.99% of common contaminants, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy delicious, high quality drinking water. Whilst contaminants, Doulton home water filter systems retain all of the healthy, naturally occurring minerals that make water taste great.