We're taking the time this Plastic Free July to think about making˜ One Lasting Change' - encouraging everyone to swap single use plastics such as straws and bottles for more sustainable alternatives (like our TASTE bottle!).

From our own corners of the world, it can be hard to imagine the scale of the plastic tide, so we thought we'd speak in the universal language of art - more specifically, movies. 

So, to help paint a clearer picture, we've rounded up five blockbuster movies that would be almost unrecognisable if plastic pollution had gotten in the way.

1) Jaws 

There's no mistaking that music, the tension that builds with it, or that poster of all those sharp teeth. But, what if Amity Island had been being lapped by waves of plastic bottles, straws and netting? Well, it would have gone one of two ways - the people would have avoided the beach altogether and that would have made for a pretty short movie, or, worse still, the only thing Jaws would have caught is a mouthful of plastic - again, thoroughly underwhelming and we might even have felt sorry for the shark. 

2) Finding Nemo 

That fateful journey to P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney would have looked very different if our rainbow fish Nemo and his pals had been contending with litter the whole time. Imagine the jellyfish swapped out for discarded plastic bags, the turtles trapped amidst plastic straws and trash - it's a sad thought and would make Dory's˜ just keep swimming' a little more sombre. 

3) Titanic 

Perhaps reimagining the Titanic movie with a berg of plastic bags and discarded bottles is a bit far-fetched, but if Rose had survived the sinking only to have found herself adrift amongst plastic carrier bags or single use plastic bottles, she would definitely not have made it back to shore; that is unless she was able to fashion a raft, but...unlikely! 

4) Treasure Island 

Picture the scene, a young Jim Hawkins finds a treasure map and embarks on an epic adventure to trace down the riches. Now imagine, he finds the island and amidst its plentiful caves is just a mountain of fizzy drinks bottles, carrier bags and other recyclables - not exactly edge of your seat viewing! 

5) Waterworld 

Plastic-waste World doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? The ice-caps have melted and people live at sea, endlessly in search of a fabled˜Dryland'. We're not sure Dryland would have been the utopia they were searching for if all it was, was a mounting heap of stinking waste from the old world! 

These 'changed-stories' are just a bit of fun, but the threat posed by plastic pollution to our environment and sea life is very real. We can all play our part by making 'One Lasting Change' this Plastic Free July. Why not Swap the Pop - ditch sugary drinks and opt for a refillable water bottle instead? You can feel healthier, more alert, all the while, you'll be boosting your body and the environment. Or, if you're a water fan already but you just can't ditch the bottled stuff because you're in search of a superior taste, then it might be time to consider our stylish TASTE bottle or our range of filter systems for the home.

Daniel Berko