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Which Water Filters Are Best?

Which Filter do I need? 

In developed countries, the quality of drinking water is regulated, providing you with the reassurance that the water from your tap is safe to drink. Many households across the globe choose to use water filters to further enhance the quality of their drinking water.  Choosing the right water filter for your home is crucial for ensuring that you and your family have access to clean, safe and great tasting water.  At Doulton® & British Berkefeld® we understand that water quality can vary from one location to another.  Whether you’re dealing with extremely hard water, a strong chlorine taste, or unpleasant odours in your water, we’re here to help you find out which water filters are best for you. The water filter cartridge you have will be determined by the water filter system and brand you choose, all our water filter systems come with a filter cartridge included as standard. 

Understanding your water.

Before selecting a filter, it's essential to know the specific water quality challenges you're facing. To assist you in making an informed decision, we've provided general information on this page.

For details on levels of contaminants(Heavy Metals, Bacteria, PFAS, Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals, Flouride, Nitrate & Limescale,) you should contact the relevant body in your country. 

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About Chlorine Taste and Unpleasant Odour 

If you don’t like the taste and or smell of your water all our ceramic water filters and cartridges include carbon which removes chlorine in your water, improving the taste and smell. The level of chlorine in water supplies can vary slightly depending on the distance the water has to travel through our pipes. Customers who live closer to the Treatment Works may notice higher levels of chlorine and water smells. At times of high demand, such as first thing in the morning and late afternoon, more people use water meaning the water travels to you more quickly and may contain more chlorine. With time, the concentration of chlorine in the water pipes reduces. Water can often acquire traces of substances from your plumbing, water fixtures, or appliances, and this is the primary reason for unusual or peculiar tastes in the water. 

If you're experiencing a strong chlorine taste or unpleasant odours in your water, you may want to think how you remove chlorine from water. Our activated carbon filters included in our Biotect Ultra and Ultra Sterasyl is your solution. These filter cartridges effectively reduce chlorine and odorous compounds, leaving you with fresh-tasting, odour-free water. You can also pair up our Chlorine Reduction Cartridge with other filters in our Duo and Trio systems. 

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Heavy Metals

Our filters included as standard with all our Doulton® and British Berkefeld® Systems are effective in reducing lead and other heavy metals, useful for properties with older lead pipework.

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Reduce Contaminants 

Whilst our tap water is treated to reduce the presence of all contaminants and is safe to drink.   If you’re worried about herbicides and pesticides and or traces of Pharmaceuticals in your drinking water our standard filter cartridges reduce these contaminants as part of the filtration process. 

Bacteria Reduction

To lessen bacteria in water, rely on Doulton® & British Berkefeld® Water Filters. Our advanced filtration tech removes up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, ensuring every drop is safe. Goodbye contaminants, hello filtered hydration.

Customers bought these items to deal with chlorine, lead, contaminants and bacteria.

British Berkefeld® Stainless Steel Gravity System

Use Ultra Sterasyl filters with this durable stainless steel, gravity-fed system. It requires no plumbing; simply fill the upper chamber with untreated water. The advanced filter technology reduces chlorine, organic compounds, lead, and many common contaminants for cleaner, safer water.

HIP Biotect Ultra Inline

This discreet undercounter home water filtration system is positioned beneath your countertop for direct source filtration. Equipped with the Biotect Ultra Ceramic water filter, it effectively reduces numerous contaminants, including bacteria, chlorine, lead, microplastics and more, ensuring a better-tasting glass of water.

HCP & Ultracarb®

Elevate your water quality with this countertop solution. The Ultracarb Cartridge filter not only ensures healthier and tastier water but also eliminates chlorine, lead, and organics efficiently. Say goodbye to the hassles of plumbing as you savor the refreshing taste of this user-friendly water filtration system.

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Water Filters for Limescale/Water Hardness

Water hardness can vary significantly depending on where you live. If you're experiencing issues related to hard water, such as scale buildup or reduced soap lathering, you'll want a filter that effectively reduces calcium and magnesium ions. Our recommended filters for hard water are designed to provide you with a solution that not only improves water quality but also extends the life of your appliances and plumbing. 

The Biotect Ultra SI and Ultra Sterasyl SI prevent scale deposition, by using the Limescale Reduction Cartridge ahead of the Biotect Ultra in our Duo and Trio undercounter systems, you can soften your water by reducing limescale and hardness. 

Customers bought these items to deal with Limescale and Water Hardness.

HIP TRIO Biotect Ultra with Limescale Cartridge

Triple your filtration power with this home water filter trio. It includes the Biotect Ultra Ceramic Water Filter and 2 empty chambers for custom pre-filter cartridges, like fluoride filters, to target specific impurities.

HIP DUO with Biotect Ultra with Limescale Cartridge

This powerful duo home water filter system features the Biotect Ultra Ceramic Filter, doubling filtration power. Discreetly installed under the sink, it filters efficiently at the source, targeting specific impurities.

Doulton Biotect Ultra SI® (2505)

Biotect Ultra SI, our most advanced water filter, utilises a ceramic microfiltration body and activated carbon block. It not only delivers Doulton's superb performance but also reduces monochloramine, cadmium, mercury, and prevents scale deposition.

What are Microplastics?

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that are unacceptably common in our environment. These particles, originate from a variety of sources, including the breakdown of larger plastic debris, industrial processes, and even everyday products like synthetic clothing and personal care items. Microplastics pose a potential risk not only to marine and freshwater environments but also to human health.

At Doulton, we are dedicated to enhancing water quality through innovative filtration solutions. Our filters are designed not only to improve taste but also to reduce the presence of contaminants, including microplastics.

Our filters, certified under NSF Standard 401, effectively reduce microplastics by >99.9%. This certification ensures that our filters can capture particles as small as 0.5 to 1 micron, which includes many microplastics. This performance benchmark is a testament to our commitment to providing better water for everyday use.

Head over to our blog 'Microplastics in Water' to get more information.

Customers bought these items to deal with Microplastics.

HIP Biotect Ultra Inline

Installed under your countertop for direct source filtration, this discreet undercounter home water filtration system comes equipped with the Biotect Ultra Ceramic water filter. It successfully reduces various contaminants, such as bacteria, chlorine, lead, and >99.9% microplastics, ensuring a better water flavour experience.

Ecofast Biotect Ultra Inline

Enjoy clean, refreshing water effortlessly with the EcoFast Biotect Ultra Inline Quick Change Water Filter. Ideal for commercial and domestic use, it combines convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. It reduces harmful bacteria, cysts, particles, turbidity, and >99.9% microplastics while improving taste and odour.

British Berkefeld® Stainless Steel Gravity System

For best outcomes with this stainless steel, gravity-fed system, employ Ultra Fluoride filters. No plumbing required; add untreated tap water to the upper chamber. This specialised filter reduces chlorine, organics, lead, and >99.9% microplastics for tastier, safer drinking water.

Image depicting tap water with the word 'FLUORIDE' visible.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride, is a naturally occurring mineral in our water, concentrations in Europe are generally low, however there are variations in natural levels across Europe. Only the UK, Ireland and Spain fluoridate drinking water and even then, fluoridation is only in specific areas of the country. If you have concerns about the level of fluoride in your water, we offer filters that are specifically designed to reduce the fluoride content while keeping essential minerals intact.  

To cater to this need, Doulton® offers specialised filtration solutions: 

  • UltraFluoride Cartridges: Specifically designed for our British Berkefeld Gravity systems, these cartridges efficiently reduce fluoride levels in your drinking water.  
  • Tailored Filtration Systems: For those seeking comprehensive solutions, Doulton's undercounter range, including the Duo and Trio systems, allows for the integration of fluoride reduction alongside other filtration needs. This flexibility ensures that you receive water that meets your specific taste and health requirements. 

Dive into our latest blog post to uncover the facts, myths, and benefits surrounding fluoride. Whether you're curious about its impact on dental hygiene or seeking to enhance your knowledge, this blog has it all!

Customers bought these items to deal with Fluoride issues.

British Berkefeld® Stainless Steel Gravity System

To maximise results with this British Berkefeld® stainless steel, gravity-fed system, utilise Ultra Fluoride filters. No plumbing needed; just pour untreated tap water into the upper chamber. This specialised filter decreases chlorine, organics, lead, and other impurities for better tasting, safer drinking water.

HIP DUO with Biotect Ultra and Fluoride Cartridge

Experience enhanced filtration with this powerful duo home water filter system. Utilising the Biotect Ultra Ceramic Filter with Fluoride Cartridge, it doubles filtration power. Discreetly installed beneath the sink, it efficiently filters water at the source, precisely targeting specific impurities for exceptional water quality.

HIP Trio with Ultracarb and Fluoride Cartridge

Get better water with our cutting-edge home water filter system. It boasts triple the filtration power, anchored by the Biotect Ultra Ceramic Water Filter, and includes two vacant chambers for personalised ceramic filters, including options like fluoride filters. This empowers you to precisely target and reduces various impurities, ensuring cleaner drinking water.


Nitrate is a compound that occurs naturally when nitrogen and oxygen atoms combine. It can be found in both surface and groundwater, particularly in areas where fertilizers are used on land. Nitrate is produced through the natural breakdown of plant material in soil. When it rains, nitrate is transported from the soil to bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and streams. It can also enter the soil and contaminate groundwater.

Drinking tap water with high levels of nitrate can potentially result in health problems such as headaches, nausea, and gastrointestinal disorders.

The UK and European water regulations limit nitrate to safe levels. If you are concerned about nitrate contamination, our Doulton nitrate cartridge* can reduce these already safe levels further.

Our Duo and Trio Undercounter Water Filtration Systems can accommodate a Nitrate reduction cartridge to tackle your concerns. 

* Tested in house. 

Image displaying the 'Nitrate' formula.

Customers bought these items to deal with excess levels of Nitrate.

HIP DUO with Biotect Ultra and Nitrate Cartridge

Experience enhanced filtration with this powerful duo home water filter system. Utilising the Biotect Ultra Ceramic Filter with Nitrate Cartridge, it doubles filtration power. Discreetly installed beneath the sink, it efficiently filters water at the source, precisely targeting specific impurities for exceptional water quality.

HIP TRIO with Biotect Ultra and Nitrate Cartridge

Enhance your filtration capabilities with our home water filter trio. This comprehensive package comprises the Biotect Ultra Ceramic Water Filter and two empty chambers, allowing you to tailor your filtration with custom pre-filter cartridges, such as Nitrate cartridges, to effectively target specific impurities.

HCP Duo with Ultracarb and Nitrate Cartridge

Transform your water quality effortlessly with this dual countertop solution, sparing you the complexities of mains plumbing. Customise it to effectively combat specific contaminants, including nitrate. Additionally, it incorporates the renowned Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge, optimising performance when positioned at the point of water delivery.

PFAS - means -  per-and poly fluoroalkyl substances)- which is a chemical family consisting of at least 5,000 individual substances. They are sometimes referred to as ‘forever chemicals’ because of their persistence in the environment.

Forever Chemicals

In recent times the presence of Per-and Polyflourinated Substances (PFAS) and their effects on health have been in the news.  These products are extensively used in consumer goods and as a result have found their way into our water.  There are currently no statutory standards for PFAS in the UK.  The EU is in the process of adopting a standard of 0.1mgpl, which is also the figure recommend in guidance for the UK.  Many states in the USA have also started the process of regulating PFAS in drinking water.  If you have concerns about PFAS in your drinking water you should choose an undercounter Duo or Trio system to pair our PFAS reduction cartridge with the Biotect Ultra Cartridge, providing you with peace of mind and better tasting water.  


Whether purchasing a Doulton® Water Filtration system for your home or a British Berkefeld® portable system to use in the home or out and about you can be confident that the filters included (Biotect Ultra and Ultrasterasyl) will deliver you better tasting water for 6 months at a time.   

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Save Water & Money

A major benefit of having a Doulton® Undercounter water filter system is that you have filtered water on demand.  No waiting for the water to filter through a jug, and a much wider range of filtration than you can achieve with a jug system.  Our Biotect Ultra cartridges are fitted with a flow limiter that optimises the performance of the filter, whilst also contributing to a reduction in water usage.  It’s doubtful you will notice the difference when getting a glass of water from your filter tap. 

When selecting a British Berkefeld® Gravity System, there's no need for plumbing. After running water through the filters twice, your system is fully prepared for use.

Find Your Replacement for an Existing Doulton® Water Filter with Our Assistance.

Image of a Doulton ceramic filter end cap displaying the product code.

For a convenient way to locate your replacement filter.

To discover the appropriate replacement filter for your system, easily identify the 4-digit product code situated on the upper part of your filter cartridge to find the replacement in the store.

In the displayed image, you'll notice that 9A04 represents the 4-digit code.