The quest to make clean drinking water available for all in the UK has strong links to the potteries industry.

When Queen Victoria was concerned about the contents of the drinking water she was being served, it was a ceramic manufacturer she turned to.

John Doulton had gone into partnership with Martha Jones and John Watts to create Jones, Watts and Doulton to design and create ceramics in London. This was the very company that would eventually, through various changes, become Royal Doulton.

Embracing technology and industrialisation from an early point, Jones, Watts and Doulton began creating ceramic water filters in the late 1820s. At the time, drinking water in London was drawn from the filthy River Thames, which was polluted with raw sewage, and cholera and typhoid were rife.

Making a name for themselves as innovators, Jones, Watts and Doulton were called upon to create water filters for the royal household.

Now, more than 185 years later, ceramic remains an unbeatable base through which to filter contaminants from drinking water and is still the bedrock of Doulton Water Filter's success in providing clean, top quality drinking water across the world.

Innovation in ceramic technology

Jones, Watts and Doulton became Doulton and Co. in 1854, and continued to bring cutting edge technology to ceramic wares, as well as creating world famous pottery.

In 1901, Doulton and Co was honoured with the royal warrant and granted the right to use "Royal".

Standards remained high across the range, and in 1904, after extensive research, the firm introduced its range of porous porcelain filter candles, providing ever more effective protection from contaminants found in drinking water.

This dedication to quality and innovation remains today, as Doulton Water Filters continues to focus on enabling families to enjoy the best quality drinking water by removing and reducing potentially harmful contaminants

Doulton & Co opened a base in Staffordshire at the end of the 1800s and became synonymous with The Potteries. Doulton saw great changes in the business across the years as it was split into divisions and ultimately filtration and tableware became separate entities under the ownership of different companies.

Tried, tested and trusted

Doulton Water Filters have now been helping to save lives by filtering harmful contaminants from drinking water for more than 185 years.

Made from natural earths and providing up to 99.99% filtration of pathogenic bacteria, cysts and particles from drinking water, Doulton ceramic provide people across the world, whatever their situation, with drinking water filters that perform consistently every time - giving them clean, healthy, great-tasting water from almost any fresh water source.

The headquarters for Doulton Water Filters are still based in Staffordshire, near to The Potteries.

Daniel Berko