Recycling is held up as a major goal in the battle against plastic pollution but the reality remains that the less we buy the less we have to throw away.

Over the past few decades investment in products that last seems to have been replaced by immediate-use convenience goods, with little regard to the environmental consequences.

Fashions that last one season, ready sliced fruit in plastic pots, waste heavy coffee pods and, of course, plastic bottles of water - no-one needs these items, there are lower cost better quality options that will last far longer.

A throwaway society where immediate gratification is fuelling debt, dissatisfaction and mountains of waste is just not sustainable. The calls for change are growing ever louder and savvy consumers are beginning to turn their back on single-use items that are helping to destroy the world's ecosystems.

Water filters - the sustainable option

Fitting a water filter at home is an easy step to take to cut your waste footprint - and with Doulton's ceramic water filters being made from natural materials this can be an ethical and healthy choice too.

Consider the waste that just one family generates by choosing to drink plastic bottles of water at home instead of filling glasses from the tap. Loading up on multi-packs of plastic bottles shrink-wrapped in plastic is not only unnecessarily wasteful it is also, quite frankly, a waste of money.

Tap water passes highly stringent tests to ensure its quality while using a water filter brings an added layer of protection to remove any residual contaminants. While chlorine is often added to drinking water to act as a disinfectant, Doulton water filters have been scientifically proven to remove this from drinking water.

Recent studies found the presence of plastic micro-particles in tap water with even higher levels being recorded in bottled water. A water filter offers protection against this filtering out plastic down to a size of 0.5 microns.

The quality of tap water is proven, the cleansing powers of Doulton water filters are also proven. Fresh, clean, tasty water that is full of healthy minerals is readily available at no extra cost - so why persist in fuelling the problem of plastic pollution and needless waste?

Natural Material

When the quality of your drinking water is a concern Doulton water filters offer a long-term and sustainable solution. Once the filter housing is in place it will last as long as you need it to. Replacement parts are available and highly qualified staff can offer advice.

All that needs to be changed is the ceramic candle that works as the filter – made from 100 per cent natural materials, which can be disposed of without scarring the natural world.


Each ceramic filtration candle lasts between six months and a year to provide optimum results.

With performance that is guaranteed at the highest level during the lifespan of the candle, Doulton water filters offer an ecologically sound solution to enjoy clean, healthy water on tap.

And there is no need to add to the mountain of plastic pollution when out and about. Buy a refillable bottle and take quality water with you - there really is no excuse to be a part of the problem.

With a history stretching back nearly 200 years, Doulton understands the need for quality, investment and sustainability. Trust in a company that shares your values, be part of the change today.

Throwaway culture is just that, instead invest in sustainable alternatives that will help to protect our future.

Daniel Berko