Doulton Water Filters are challenging families to "discover the difference" with the launch of a new campaign.

Families are being invited to "test, taste and trust" the benefits that using a Doulton water filter brings as part of the "Discover the Doulton difference" message.

Culminating in the launch of a new website, the campaign is challenging consumer's perceptions about just how much difference using a water filter makes to the taste of their drinking water.

The ceramic water filter specialist also wants to draw attention to how important the quality and capacity of the water filter is to how effectively it removes contaminants.

Powerful filtration

Doulton water filters are powerful tools, backed by years of research and testing, that can draw a vast number of impurities and contaminants from drinking water.

Crucially, the design of Doulton water filters ensures that beneficial properties, such as healthy minerals, remain.

And this is where Doulton water filters stand above many other inline filter systems, which can also be removing the naturally occurring minerals from water during filtration leaving so-called "empty water".

Rather than just significantly improving the taste of drinking water by removing chlorine, Doulton's ceramic filters remove contaminants including bacteria, heavy metals and microplastics.

It is this difference in quality that the Discover the Doulton difference campaign is set to shine a spotlight on.

Doulton Water Filters marketing manager Yvonne Allen explained: "Quality is of absolute importance to us as a company and we want customers to realise that not all water filters are equal."

"Doulton Water Filters continually invest in research and testing to improve the functionality of products, targeting the contaminants they can remove to improve the taste and quality of drinking water.

"The overall message is that customers should know exactly what to expect from their water filter - and be secure in the knowledge they are investing in a quality product that is beneficial to lifestyle and wellbeing."

Daniel Berko