The Covid pandemic has, over the last 2 years, changed the way we do so many things; not least of which is its impact on the UK holiday industry. Insecurity around different countries’ travel requirements; mammoth airport queues and flight cancellations, as well as sky-rocketing costs are all putting paid to people’s holiday arrangements and more and more of us in the UK are looking closer to home to unwind on our Summer holidays.



It’s this change in our holiday habits, coupled with greater flexibility around our working locations and the rise of the “digital nomad”, that’s driving the recent trends towards camping or caravan trips. The UK Caravan and Motorhome Club has seen its membership numbers soaring over the last 2 years, and the National Caravan Council has stated that, by the end of 2021, sales of new touring caravans had grown by 23.5%, motorhomes and campervans had grown by 12% and holiday (static) caravans had grown by 38%, and, as more people search for cost-effective solutions to their vacation needs, there’s no sign of this slowing down.

Our increased connectivity (as well as the fact that our own caravan or motorhome means our four-legged family members can join the adventure), means visiting the beautiful areas the UK has to offer is easily achieved, but the real draw to a home-grown motorhome or caravan trip is the ability to go off-grid; exploring the wilderness without the constraints of modern technology – no work, no phones, no Netflix!

If the off-grid lifestyle is your goal (whether for a few days on holiday or longer), having access to safe, fresh filtered water is vital.

A gravity fed water filter system is a reliable and portable solution providing clean, filtered drinking water on tap - wherever you are - with no need for a plumber or electricity and it can even be used in areas where there is no pressurised water supply.

Our British Berkefeld Gravity System is available in 6L, 8.5L and 12L sizes and features our ceramic filter candles for the reduction of common contaminants and chlorine. The gravity fed water system is comprised of two stainless steel containers. The upper chamber is filled with the untreated water, which is then filtered down by gravity, through a number of ceramic water filters, into the lower chamber. 

The British Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter System is our best-selling solution for delivering delicious, filtered drinking water whilst travelling. They are relied upon all over the world to provide clean, fresh water in locations with unreliable supplies of safe drinking water. They will provide you with the peace of mind that you can access safe, filtered drinking water wherever you go.

Wherever you find yourself this summer, whether it’s the wilds of the Highlands; the hills and valleys of the Brecon Beacons or the beautiful beaches and coastline of Cornwall, then take the British Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter System with you for great-tasting filtered water for you and your family.

Daniel Berko