This won't be the first time we've raised the subject, and we make no apologies for it, but counterfeit, copy and non-genuine products are readily available in the marketplace and we need to talk about it - you need to know you have purchased a genuine water filter.

You may already be well aware that the crime of counterfeiting is not new, in fact more and more counterfeit items are now being sold online as well as through retailers, and spotting copies has become almost impossible.

The need for you to ensure your purchase is a genuine product from the original manufacturer, official master distributor or reseller is paramount, not only for your own peace of mind, but for that of the copyright holder too.

Counterfeit products - who loses out?

It's a true but disappointing fact that sub-standard and incomplete products that purport to be the genuine article have become an absolute nightmare for buyer and (genuine) seller alike.

Manufacturers seek to secure legitimate retailers and online outlets for the promotion and sale of their products, however with online platforms now becoming the norm, more and more problems are coming to light.

First of all, the customer loses out. Disappointed with a shoddy, poorly performing or deficient product, they're unlikely to have received any sort of guarantee that actually has a backbone, along with a negligible chance of getting their money back.

Secondly, the original manufacturer whose product has been plagiarised is swamped with customer complaints about inferior products. Now faced with multiple grievances, they get held accountable for purchases made by unsuspecting buyers from highly questionable sellers and everyone's time and money fizzles away in to a black hole.

Counterfeit goods and safety

Did you know that there are serious risks involved with buying counterfeit goods?

Fake goods, copies, knock-offs (whatever label you wish to apply to them) are often of a poor quality and in most cases unsafe. It's a question as to whether any of them have been subjected to the same vigorous safety checks as legitimate items.

Plus, so many under-perform or are just downright dangerous.

How to tell if your Doulton product is a genuine water filter

First of all, trust your instincts. As the old saying goes: if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Legitimate, expertly manufactured goods are rarely discounted so don't be taken in.

Secondly, check the details. Fraudsters cut corners on things like accurate copywriting and proofreading when marketing their items. They also make logos, branding or web addresses look similar to the original manufacturer. And, as an add-on to that, just because the web address contains "" don't assume the seller is based in the UK. Look for their UK address and contact number - they won't mind you contacting them if they are the genuine article.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, do they offer any authentication methods? Look for their product registration page, guarantee or warranty details, or any area where you can double check that what you're buying is genuine. Here at Doulton, we have an Authentication Centre where you can register and also enter unique identification numbers, which quickly authenticate your purchases.

Have faith in what you buy and beat the rogue traders who want to take your money and leave you high and dry with a useless or even dangerous product. Counterfeiters and counterfeit products are an ever-increasing problem for everyone. Are you prepared to beat them at their own game?

Doulton Water Filter products - safe, efficient & and genuine!

Daniel Berko