We are reminding visitors at Grand Designs Live that taking care of the simple things like clean drinking water, is the best way to build the foundations for a healthy and sustainable home.

Bringing two new products to the show at the Birmingham NEC, Doulton Water Filters will be keen to drive home the message that sustainability and good health can be individual choices. Manufacturing high-quality water filters, the Staffordshire company wants more people to embrace sustainable living through the use of a water filter rather than relying on bottled water.

For the first time the ceramic filtration specialist will be showcasing its high-end Royal Doulton ELITE water filter, which combines sleek lines with the highest specification water filter, alongside the new portable filter bottle. The aim of both products is to allow families access to the highest quality drinking water whether they are at home or on the move.

Sustainable living

With approximately 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles being used in the UK each year, Doulton Water Filters wants consumers to make the switch to tap water while remaining convinced of the quality of their drinking water.

Two of the products displayed by the firm at Grand Designs Live the top-end Royal Doulton ELITE and the filtadapt are designed to become an integral part of the kitchen by providing clean filtered water on tap. Using natural ceramic technology, these water filters remove up to 99.99% of common contaminants from drinking water including chlorine, micro-plastics, bacteria and heavy metals to improve the taste and quality.

Such is the importance of these products in helping to turn the tide of plastic waste pollution, the flexible and affordable filtadapt has already been named 'game changer' by influential trend predictor Scarlet Opus at the this year's Exclusively Housewares show. Renewable hydration is a major part of efforts to cut reliance on single-use plastic and Doulton Water Filters believes its products offer a solution.

Recognising the need for reliable drinking water on the move, the firm has now introduced the Doulton TASTE filter bottle, which compresses the high-efficiency filtration Doulton is known for into a portable bottle. The resilient and robust TASTE bottle allows people to fill up on the go, wherever they are, without needing to buy single-use plastic water bottles.

Cut back on single-use plastic by using a water filter

Using a water filter over the space of 10 years is forecast to avoid the purchase of 23,000 single-use plastic water bottles.

Doulton Water Filters marketing manager Yvonne Allen said: "The impact of single-use plastic is shocking and we all need to play a part to protect the environment.

There really is no excuse for buying single-use plastic bottles of water. A water filter will deliver clean, healthy, great-tasting water on tap, day after day at a fraction of the cost."

One knock-on effect of plastic pollution has been concerned about the human consumption of micro-plastics. It has been reported that humans ingest 50,000 plastic micro-particles each year. Plastic micro-particles have been found in tap water and bottled water, with people who drink bottled water consuming 90,000 extra micro-particles compared to 4,000 for tap water.

Doulton water filters remove fine particles that are invisible to the naked eye, such as dirt, rust, and microplastics.

Yvonne added: As well as offering a way to cut back on bottled water, water filters will help to protect you from consuming plastic micro-particles. Investing in a water filter is a way to help protect your health as well as play your part in protecting the environment.

"Doulton water filters are subjected to strenuous to verify our claims and cut back on numerous contaminants that have been linked to health issues. Adding a water filter to your kitchen should be a natural step for families interested in sustainable and healthy living.

"For water that tastes great and is free from contaminants, a Doulton water filter makes an excellent investment for your health, home and future."

Find out more about Doulton Water Filters by visiting us on stand K88 at Grand Designs Live.

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