Love the home you live in - that's the message that National Home Improvement Week aims to get out and it's a message Doulton Water Filters fully endorse.

Making home improvements, as we all know, is not always straight forward but, with the right advice, making simple adjustments can make a huge difference to our daily lives.

The first place to start is taking the time to stop and think what really needs a bit of attention in your home - and that is why National Home Improvement Week is such a great initiative - it makes homeowners stop and think.

What is National Home Improvement Week?

Not only that, it gives homeowners plenty of tips and advice on how to get things done and points them in the direction of quality suppliers and firms whose products can make an improvement in their day-to-day life.

Doulton Water Filters know that drinking the best quality water is a marker of wellbeing and something all families should have access to.

That is the reason Doulton Water Filters has got behind National Home Improvement Week and is proud to be a supporter of the event.

Every home deserves the best, and that certainly includes access to great-tasting and clean drinking water.

After all it is the simple things that matter at the end of the day – those elements of life that it is too easy to take for granted like a working fire, central heating, a secure home and, of course, fresh drinking water.

These essentials still need thought and attention to ensure they are in place and remain in good working order.

Taking place from March 12 to 18, the awareness week aims to get people motivated and equipped to get to work around the home during the Easter Holidays, which are a popular time for DIY projects and the annual spring clean.

Ahead of National Home Improvement Week, the campaign will seek to encourage people to look at improving their home, or renew their interest in updating their home and garden.

This will include highlighting the latest trends on both a consumer and design level and sharing "how to" tips and videos.

Improving your home with a water filter

With concerns about the use of plastic mounting, Doulton Water Filters offer a permanent, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution to providing clean drinking water on tap.

For environmentally aware consumers who want to take charge of what is in the water they drink, Doulton Water Filters are the perfect solution.

Like many other changes that can be made to the home, adding a filter is a home improvement that will directly benefit the wellbeing of you and your family.

Love the Home you live in - you deserve it.

Daniel Berko