Just as there is a major difference between a water filter fitted to your sink and a jug filter, there is a difference between refillable water bottles and the filters that they can include. While orange juice from concentrate can have the same outward appearance as freshly squeezed orange juice, we all know there a big difference. The difference at its most basic level is quality richer nutrients, a better taste, a purer product.

The same can be said for many apparently similar products that under the surface have a vitally different make-up oak furniture and oak veneered furniture for one. It is the differences that we can't see that so often make the real difference. When it comes to creating a quality product that performs at an exceptional level it takes time, testing and investment. The product itself reflects this attention to detail and the use of high specification materials, usually at a cost.

The Doulton TASTE portable filter bottle is no exception. On outward appearances, it may look like any other reusable water bottle but with the added benefit of filtration.

How does the Doulton TASTE portable bottle work?

Inside, however, the TASTE portable filter bottle is packed with specialist technology to provide powerful filtration on the go. It is important to note that the Doulton TASTE bottle provides an accurate picture of how effective it is at removing contaminants from water.

The filter traps and removes any particles in drinking water down to one micron in size including rust, dirt, and microplastics. Tests have proved that the TASTE portable filter bottle removes more than 95 percent of chlorine along with organic contaminants, this improves the taste and odour of the water. In addition, the TASTE portable filter bottle will remove more than 90 percent of heavy metals in drinking water, such as lead.

During testing, engineers at Doulton Water Filters carefully measure how long a filter can continue to work to provide optimum filtration. The 500ml TASTE portable filter bottle can be reliably filled 600 times without compromising quality, providing 300 litres of water.

The filter is easily replaced and can even be removed from the bottle if required. The superior filtration and measured results of the TASTE portable filter bottle mean that an investment in this portable filtration technology is an investment in your health. Fill up wherever you are with confidence that you are drinking top quality, clean drinking water.

When considering which water bottle is right for you, always check that it delivers exactly what you expect.

You can order a TASTE portable water bottle here.

Daniel Berko