Doulton water filters have been selected as a "Game Changer" in Exclusively Houseware's influential Scarlet Opus trend showcase.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainable hydration has been identified as a leading force in future consumer choices with families looking for more environmentally-friendly ways to live well. Led by trend forecaster Scarlet Opus, the On Trend showcase at this year's Exclusively Housewares show is a major indicator of the products consumers and retailers will be investing in over the next two to three years. A new "Game Changer" trend showcase at Exclusively Housewares, which runs from June 11-12, will highlight innovative products that combine technology and sustainability.

Doulton use natural ceramic technology to filter harmful contaminants from tap water. Providing consumers with quality, tasty water straight from the tap with no need for single-use plastic water bottles.

A Shift In Consumer Wants & Needs

Doulton's filtadapt in Pebble, which will feature as the On Trend "Game Changer" Recommended Product, combines this powerful filtration with the flexibility needed for modern life that makes it suitable for all. The need to cut plastic pollution as a result of the hard-hitting Blue Planet television series has resonated with consumers, who have been made sharply aware of the need for collective action in cutting waste.

Each year, 77 billion single-use plastic bottles are used in the UK and campaigners are now urging more people to carry reusable bottles and to drink tap water. The message of longevity and quality has long been part of Doulton Water Filters' ethos. The water filters remove up to 99.99% of common contaminants from tap water, including chlorine, which can affect the taste.

Doulton's Marketing Manager, Yvonne Allen said: "With a 10-year life expectancy for the housing, a Doulton water filter, with replacement filter cartridges, will deliver 46,000 litres of drinking water, which would avoid the purchase of 23,000 single-use plastic water bottles. That is a significant individual impact on single-use plastic waste and the more households choosing water filters instead of bottled water, the greater the reduction in waste will be.

"It is clear that sustainable living is essential and that waste reduction needs to be a common theme in households to help to protect the environment. Where the quality of drinking water is a concern, using a water filter is the sustainable solution."

Why Choose Doulton?

A Doulton ceramic filter features an outer shell that is made from 100% natural earths with coconut shell used for an activated carbon core. The biodegradable filter cartridges need to be replaced every six to 12 months to maintain maximum performance.

Yvonne added: "Good hydration is important to wellbeing and the obvious choice for a healthy lifestyle is water, rather than sugary bottled drinks. Drinking filtered water straight from the tap is vital to maintain health and live more sustainably."

Scarlet Opus is a leading trend forecaster identifying future fashions to inform the retail, manufacturing, design and architecture industries. It has identified three key trends for the future: Traveller, focused on world stability and fairness; Fellowship, based on the idea of collective action to create a better tomorrow; and Satori, a natural and sustainable approach to living.

Doulton Water Filters will be exhibiting at Exclusively Housewares on stand 258.

Daniel Berko