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Intelligent water filtration solutions for both home & on the go.

Enjoy great tasting filtered water with our range of filtration products crafted to keep you safe from waterborne impurities.

The best of life,
through the best
of water.

Which Water Filter System is right for you?

Gravity System

Are you on the lookout for a convenient and user-friendly system that does not rely on plumbing or electricity? The Stainless-Steel Gravity Filter is the ultimate solution. This filter can be effortlessly positioned on your countertop or wherever it suits your needs. Furthermore, it is highly recommended for caravan and camping adventures!

Countertop Systems

The countertop system is positioned adjacent to the sink. A diverter tube connects it to your tap, allowing tap water to flow through the filter element for cleaner tasting water.

Undercounter Systems

If you're looking to improve the quality of your tap water while ensuring a discreet setup beneath your kitchen sink, our undercounter systems offer the perfect solution. These systems need to be connected to the main water supply and will automatically filter water as you use the tap.

Replacement Filters

With a legacy of almost two centuries, we pride ourselves on meticulously crafting ceramic filter elements. Our filters are infused with a wealth of innovation and expertise, ensuring optimal performance. They seamlessly integrate into Doulton and British Berkefeld systems, as well as other compatible water filtration brands.

Discover the Doulton® Difference

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Taste 2

Grab the all-new Taste 2 insulated stainless steel water bottle and take your water filter with you. The filter with built-in activated carbon barrier effectively takes out contaminants like chlorine and microplastics for up to 300 litres per filter. So whether you’re at the office or the top of a mountain, you can always enjoy great-tasting water.

Why choose Doulton®?

Up to 99% removal of common contaminants

No electricity needed to run Doulton filters

Environmentally friendly

Filtered on the go

If you’re looking for a water bottle with filter, our insulated, BPA-free Taste 2 Water Bottle is the sustainable way to enjoy clean, filtered drinking water, wherever you are. With superior filtration of up to 300 litres per filter, you can ensure the safety of your water for the long haul – with an improvement to both taste and odour.