Take delicious Doulton® water with you wherever you go with the Doulton® TASTE bottle, for healthy hydration on-the-go.

Ensure the water you enjoy on the go is clean, full of healthy minerals and bursting with taste. The Doulton® TASTE bottle effectively filters dirt, microplastics and other contaminants from tap water, wherever you fill-up.

Choose the Doulton® TASTE bottle and save money on single-use plastic bottled water and help to save the planet by refilling and reusing again, and again, and again…

Some water filtration systems also remove good, naturally occurring minerals, leaving empty, tasteless drinking water.

Doulton® drinking water filter systems are carefully designed to reduce common contaminants while protecting the natural, healthy minerals that make your water taste great.

Healthy water, full of minerals, full of taste.

Some filter jugs can lose more than 50% of their performance to draw out impurities within just two weeks of use. As a result, they fall short of the expected standards in removing chlorine, heavy metals and particles – compromising the taste of your drinking water. They also require constant refilling while you have to wait for your water.

Doulton® drinking water filter cartridges are scientifically proven to reduce common contaminants for longer – delivering clean filtered drinking water, on-demand, that is bursting with taste.

Healthy water, full of minerals, full of taste.

Just because you can’t see contaminants in your drinking water, doesn’t mean they are not there. Tap water may be safe, but it can still contain disinfectants, heavy metals and particles, such as rust or microplastics that you would not want to drink.

Doulton® drinking water filter taps make sure these impurities are reduced from your drinking water so that all the family can enjoy great-tasting, clean drinking water.

Healthy water, full of minerals, full of taste.

Discover the Doulton Difference

Doulton® has hundreds of years of experience providing families with clean, healthy drinking water in their homes since its beginnings in 1826. Using natural ceramic home water filters that improve the look, smell and taste of tap water, Doulton® filters reduce common contaminants while retaining the healthy minerals.

Our commitment to the highest standards of water filtration is built on years of innovation backed by UK manufacturing to ensure top quality water filters every time. If you’re looking for the best home water filter system for drinking water for you and your family, give Doulton® a try and discover the difference for yourself.

Filter Replacement

Ensure your Doulton® water filter is in optimum condition and delivering the best quality water.


Shop our range of under-counter drinking water filter systems for homes, installed under the kitchen sink for delicious, healthy drinking water, straight from the tap.


Doulton® counter-top water filters connect to the existing kitchen tap and sit next to the sink for quick and easy access to clean, healthy drinking water at home.

Gravity Fed

Shop Doulton® gravity fed water filters are compact, portable and the perfect solution to clean filtered drinking water away from home.

On The Go

Discover the Doulton Difference on the go with the Doulton Taste bottle®. The portable solution to healthy, clean water that is free from contaminants and packed full of minerals.


Handy extras and replacement parts for your Doulton® drinking water filter system.

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