Doulton® filters are designed to preserve the best of what nature has given us – in the water we drink, and the world we live in. 

Powered by gravity alone, no energy is required to use a Doulton® or British Berkefeld® system – making them a truly sustainable solution. With better tasting filtered water accessible at home and on the go, there’s no need for bottled water – reducing the need for single use plastics. And on top of all this, the materials used to make our ceramic filters are earth-friendly enough to compost. Simply remove the plastic components, and the natural materials will work to regulate the compost’s water absorption. 

This commitment to sustainability is all part of our mission to improve our collective wellbeing. We’re driven by the same responsibility to do the right thing by people, and the planet we all share.

Save the planet

The world is being overwhelmed by the burden of plastic pollution, with tens of millions of tons of plastic finding their way into Earth's oceans each year.

Saving you money

Buying water comes at a cost, not just to the environment, but also to our wallets. By choosing not to purchase water, you can reap the financial benefits.

Filtered on the go

If you’re looking for a water bottle with filter, our insulated, BPA-free Taste 2 Water Bottle is the sustainable way to enjoy clean, filtered drinking water, wherever you are. With superior filtration of up to 300 litres per filter, you can ensure the safety of your water for the long haul – with an improvement to both taste and odour.