It is well documented that water plays a critical role in the development and function of the human brain and body. We are made up of 60% water and fresh water is vital for helping us to:

  • Regulate body temperature
  • Build cells
  • Transport proteins and carbohydrates via the bloodstream
  • Lubricate joints
  • Flush waste from your system
  • Form saliva
  • Act as a shock absorber for the spinal cord and brain



Staying hydrated is so important to maintain a healthy mind and body for yourself, but what about during pregnancy? Growing a new person is a wonder of nature, but it can be extremely hard on the body! This means it is even more important to look after your physical health during this time, to guarantee the wellbeing of you and your baby. Making sure you drink enough water is paramount to this. Many women will often experience heightened levels of thirst during pregnancy, which is your body's way of telling you more fluids are needed to support your baby's development.

Water and Your Baby

During pregnancy, your body needs more water to: 

  • Produce more blood
  • Promote your baby's circulation
  • Create amniotic fluid

Keeping yourself properly hydrated can also help to prevent other common side-effects of pregnancy, such as: 

  • Reduce pregnancy-related swelling
  • Softening the skin
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Keeping you cooler
  • Decreasing the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Decreasing the risk of pre-term labour and premature birth
  • Decreasing the risk of constipation and haemarrhoids

Some pregnant women have also found that, regularly sipping water throughout the day, can play a huge role in helping to alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness (as well as replenishing the fluids lost through sickness) and the heartburn and indigestion often associated with the early stages of pregnancy. 

Can Water Protect Your Baby? 

Water can absolutely protect your baby! Dehydration during pregnancy can result in a number of complications and even, in extreme cases, cause birth defects due to the lack of water and nutritional support for your baby, but dehydration has also been known to affect the levels of amniotic fluid produced. This fluid is vital for: 

  • Protecting your baby from infection
  • Protecting your baby's movements in the womb
  • Preventing your baby's body from compressing the umbilical cord
  • Helping to regulate your baby's temperature
  • Helping to develop your baby's respiratory and digestive systems

Drinking high-quality, fresh water, that is free from chemicals, bacteria, plastics, and other nasty particles, is the best way to maintain the health and hydration of you and your baby. 

Our range of prestige, ceramic water filters can provide you with great-tasting, safe water in your own home and will ensure that you are giving your baby the best possible start in life – before they even arrive! 

Doulton has been the home of fresh, great-tasting water for nearly 180 years. Our filters are tested and certified by independent laboratories to reduce bacteria, particulates, turbidity, cysts, chlorine, limescale and heavy metals including lead.  

All our water filter systems remove up to 99.9% of contaminants – a perfect solution for great tasting water for you and your family. 


Daniel Berko