The launch of the Royal Doulton ELITE water filter system sets a new standard in luxury appliances that promote wellbeing.

Royal Doulton has stood for quality, innovation and ceramic excellence for centuries - now that expertise has been harnessed into this stylish and efficient water filter to provide families with high-quality drinking water on tap.

A premium product, Doulton Water Filters' new Royal Doulton ELITE combines cutting edge ceramic water filtration technology with a stylish and functional delivery system. Fitted with a dedicated Royal Doulton ELITE ceramic candle it offers absolute filtration, removing up to 99.99% of contaminants, including bacteria, cysts and heavy metals.

For families concerned about recent studies revealing the presence of plastic microparticles in bottled water and tap water, the Royal Doulton ELITE offers microfiltration, filtering out microparticles down to 0.5 microns.

Fitted with activated carbon, the Royal Doulton ELITE draws out chlorine that is used as a disinfectant to keep the water clean as it works through the water supply greatly improving the taste of drinking water.

'Excellent quality drinking water'

The filtered drinking water is delivered through a dedicated stylish chrome tap, while discreet under-counter EcoFast housing guards against the unnecessary use of water.

Rolf Jackson, Head of European Sales at Doulton Water Filters, explained: "The Royal Doulton ELITE brings together the highest specification components in water filtration technology to provide excellent quality drinking water.

"Doulton Water Filters has been a leading manufacturer of ceramic waters for more than a century, constantly working to exceed expectations.The Royal Doulton ELITE is a luxurious product that combines hundreds of years of research and innovation into a highly functional everyday item."

"Drinking water, coffee, tea, ice and steamed vegetables will all taste better with the Royal Doulton ELITE. When lifestyle and health are so important it makes sense to invest in the foundations of wellbeing with a world-class water filter.

The Royal Doulton ELITE is the ideal solution for people who want the quality of bottled water, without the environmental footprint. The ceramic candle inside the filter only needs to be replaced every six months and is a natural product.

Rolf added: "While taking out any potentially harmful contaminants our water filters are designed to leave healthy minerals that help to boost wellbeing in the drinking water.

"The quality of Royal Doulton filtered drinking water is excellent and, importantly, this is a sustainable solution. Doulton wants to encourage people to fill up re-useable bottles at home and take high-quality drinking water they can rely on with them, instead of using hundreds of plastic bottles every year."

Daniel Berko