As we fast approach the end of another year, it's time to look back and reflect on 2016. Ask yourself: did you achieve everything you set out to conquer from January?

Whilst we won't dwell too much on the devastation experienced by some parts of the world through war, natural disaster and subsequent poverty, Doulton is proud to have been able to play a part in supporting global humanitarian causes. We set out to build on the aid we can provide every single year.

Supporting people is what we've been here to achieve, ever since 1826. We're here to inform people about the benefits of drinking healthy water and supporting those less able to access a regular filtered supply in order to survive.

Repositioning our brand

So, we made the decision in 2016 to reposition our brand and make full use of the hyper-connected online world to share our knowledge and educate everyone about the water they may have, what to be aware of in terms of possible contaminants, and what to do about it.

The Doulton Water Filters new website will launch on 3 January 2017. We've invested in processes, packaging and marketing resources in order to support the delivery of our message. The one simple yet extremely powerful message that should resonate with everyone, anywhere, at any time: Take Charge.

Take Charge of your drinking water and understand what you and your family are consuming. Take the steps to ensure your own health and wellbeing is optimised. Drink plenty of fresh water that filters out the nasties that shouldn't really be there. Taking charge also includes the consideration of bottle water and whether or not it's really anything more than filtered water being charged at a premium, see previous article.

The new website has been designed to support your learning journey with simple information and resources. It will enhance your understanding and equip you with the knowledge of what questions to ask your Local Water Authority. We'll be publishing weekly blog articles that discuss the benefits of filtered water and cover the wider global issues surrounding healthy water accessibility and positive stories.

You'll be able to get involved with, and share ideas on, the uses of water for the whole family. Honestly, there are so many amazing things to come!

Daniel Berko