Living well never goes out of fashion and at the heart of that, of course, is eating and drinking well, which means investing in quality when it comes to the kitchen including a water filter.

The health benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle have been widely linked to longer, healthier lives and the importance of social interactions certainly plays a part.

The focus on enjoying the best food and drink in the company of others is fuelling a trend for open-plan kitchen renovations. The joy of drinking and eating in company has seen the kitchen become the hub of the home the social centre of our lives.

Choose a kitchen that lets you live well

Living kitchens featuring dining areas, or even play areas and sofas, have become the kitchen of choice for families who put quality dining and quality time together at the top of their agenda. A place to refuel, rehydrate and engage.

As with everything it is the details that matter freshly brewed coffee, home-cooked goodness bubbling away on the stove, space to chat while you work and fresh clean drinking water on tap.

When making a shopping list for a kitchen renovation appliances are an important factor, we all know that investing in a reputable brand is the best way to ensure longevity and performance. This goes for the water we drink, and cook with too, and a water filter makes a sensible addition to kitchen plans for foodies, the health conscious and families alike.

How a water filter will benefit your kitchen

Knowing that when you fill up glass of drinking water that water will be high quality filtered Doulton water will make you sure to enjoy the great taste day after day.

A Doulton water filter removes up to 99.99% of common contaminants by using natural ceramic technology. It's not all about the taste and quality of drinking water though, a Doulton water filter can also benefit your cooking and your kitchen.

The benefits of including a water filter in your kitchen renovation include:

  • Limescale reduction to help protect machines (such as coffee machines) from build-up and residue;
  • Chlorine removal results in a smoother brew whether it's tea or coffee, as well as removing the chemical taste from your drinking water;
  • Steam and boil vegetables without limescale deposits;
  • Wash fruit and salad in water that you know is clean;
  • Have access to clean, tasty water without buying single-use plastic bottles.

When making a list of kitchen must-haves that ticks all the boxes of wellness, nutrition and style add a water filter and make sure the simple things in life are the best such as drinking water. Doulton water filters are available in under-counter, counter-top or gravity-fed models.

Find out more about which water filter would suit your kitchen here.

Daniel Berko