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 Safe, healthy water 

 with our clutter-free filters 


Undercounter filters are tucked away so they don’t clutter the kitchen work surface.

They filter bacteria, limescale, micro-plastics, heavy metals (including lead) and chlorine leaving mineral-rich, great-tasting water.

Use with our pillar tap for a dedicated filtered water tap or combine a filtered and non-filtered water tap with our premier three-way LED tap.

Space-saving and reliable

Enjoy delicious, safe and healthy drinking water straight from the tap with our undercounter filter systems. Fit under the sink and out of sight, saving your kitchen counter and work-surface space.

Our under sink water systems are attached to the water supply and serve the mains cold tap in your kitchen. Fit with one of our stylish kitchen taps to get your clean, tasty, filtered drinking water easily.

Hydration through filtered water keeps all the family happy and healthy; our water supports supple skin and essential nutrient absorption, aids weight loss and detoxification, allows for improved immunity and effective digestion.

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British Water Filters Since 1826 |Doulton WaterBritish Water Filters Since 1826 |Doulton Water


We proudly export water filters to over 140 countries, saving thousands of lives every year from our home in Staffordshire at the heart of Britain’s pottery industry.

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British Water Filters Since 1826 |Doulton WaterBritish Water Filters Since 1826 |Doulton Water


Almost 200 years of continuous technical improvements to the water filter we launched in 1826, make Doulton filters the ones to rely on.

Why Doulton | Our History

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Are you drinking enough? Freshwater supports immunity, eases digestion, aids weight loss and improves sports performance.

It’s easy to drink enough water when it tastes as good as Doulton’s.

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