Join Us In Saying ‘Goodbye To Single-Use’ This Plastic Free July


We’re all aware of how plastic pollution is endangering both our environment and our sea life. With this in mind, we’re raising our voices and our hopes this Plastic Free July, that you’ll join us in making ‘one lasting change’ to turn the plastic tide.

You might be thinking, ‘How can I do my part?’ - well, it’s easier than you think. Saying goodbye to single-use plastic is one of the most vital ways we can all make a difference. Over the course of the month, we’ll be sharing lots of information and insights on how you can get involved (and still enjoy your great-tasting water fix thanks to our TASTE bottles and in-home water filtration systems!)

We’ll also be looking at other ways to start swapping landfill for refill, such as ditching fizzy drinks as a super-quick way to boost both your own health and the health of the natural world. We’ll walk you through all the upsides of what happens when you ‘Swap the Pop’ and switch to tasty, fresh and filtered water. So, join us and make one lasting change this July.

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