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Take delicious Doulton® water with you on all of life’s adventures with the Doulton® TASTE water filter bottle. Stay hydrated with filtered water whilst on the go with the assurance that your drinking water is free from common contaminants, packed full of healthy minerals, and bursting with taste.

Combining the filtration power of a Doulton® home water filter with the convenience of bottled water, the Doulton® TASTE filter bottle packs a huge amount of expertise and filtration technology into a handy-sized bottle that you can carry everywhere you go, day in, day out.

Discover the Doulton TASTE Bottle | Doulton Filtered Water Bottle

Ensure the water you drink whilst out and about, refilled from any mains or municipal water tap, is the best quality it can possibly be

Help to reduce single-use plastic waste ending up in landfill and our oceans, harming our planet and wildlife by refilling again, and again…

Stay hydrated on the go whilst commuting, at work and out and about with delicious Doulton® water

>94%* removal of chlorine and reduction of organic contaminants improving taste and odour of drinking water

Removal of heavy metals at >90%* efficiency. True filtration of fine particles such as dirt, rust, and micro plastics down to 1 micron in size**

300 litres or 600 fills of filtered water before replacement cartridge is required (depending on water quality).

*tested in-house **tested using standard test dust

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Tasty Filtered Drinking Water | Reduce Single Plastic Waste | Doulton Water Filters

Swap single-use plastic water bottles for the Doulton® TASTE bottle, without compromising on the quality of your drinking water. Help to reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfill and the ocean, damaging the planet.

Choose the Doulton® TASTE bottle and save money on purchasing single-use plastic bottled water and help to save the planet by refilling and reusing again, and again, and again…

Great for hydration, great for the planet.

Discover the Doulton® TASTE bottle product range below.

Taste the Doulton Difference | Doulton Water Filters

Whilst filtering common contaminants, Doulton® water filters retain all of the natural, healthy minerals in your water, so you can trust that the whole family are getting the very best health benefits from drinking water. Doulton® water filters are trusted by millions of families worldwide to provide clean, healthy, great-tasting water indoors, outdoors and on the go.

True filtration of fine particles such as dirt, rust and microplastics down to 1 micron in size

Removal of >94%* of chlorine and reduces organic contaminants *tested in-house

Removal of heavy metals such as lead at >90%* efficiency *tested in-house

Reduce the number of single-use plastic waste that often ends up in landfill and the ocean

Take delicious Doulton® water, free from contaminants and full of healthy minerals with you, wherever you go

Available in a variety of stylish, contemporary colours to complement your lifestyle

Take the Doulton® TASTE bottle with you, wherever you go

Tap into delicious, healthy water, bursting with taste

Filtered Water Bottle for On The Go | Doulton TASTE Water Bottle

TASTE Bottle - Blue

Filtered Water Bottle for On The Go | Doulton TASTE Water Bottle

TASTE Bottle - Peach

Filtered Water Bottle for On The Go | Doulton TASTE Water Bottle

TASTE Bottle - Black