Ceramic Range

We’ve been innovating for three centuries!

Continuing the revolution in ceramic filtration technology, pioneered by Sir Henry Doulton, our ceramic water filter candles are available in six filter grades. Each grade offers a high level of filter performance with a few key differences. Ultimately, the grade you choose will reflect the type of contaminants you wish to filter from your drinking water supply. The different grades can be viewed below, followed by the benefits of our multi-stage filtration.

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Essential high efficiency performance

Every filter candle has a ceramic outer shell for high efficiency micro-filtration of bacteria, cysts and unwanted particles through a complex pore structure.

Enhanced anti-bacterial action

At the heart of every water filter candle is a Sterasyl® silver impregnated ceramic micro filter. This proprietary silver formula within the ceramic matrix inhibits microbiological growth and effectively prevents the removed bacteria from re-generating on the ceramic.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon, in the form of granular carbon or a carbon block, removes chlorine and organics with a further option to remove monochloramine, thus improving the taste and odour of your water. These advanced filters combine the advantages of ceramic and carbon treatments within a single filter element.

Heavy metal reduction

Superior filtration technology harnesses an additional ion exchange benefit, which helps to filter lead and other toxic heavy metals.

Limescale prevention

Higher performance candle grades benefit from a slow release scale inhibitor to help reduce the unwanted effects of limescale build-up. This will aid better performance and longevity for your kitchen appliances and improve the taste of your drinking water.


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