Artisan gin, rum and vodka, Prosecco, real ale - the list of festive tipples goes on but don't forget to make room for drinking water.

Enjoying a glass or two of your favourite alcoholic beverage is only to be expected at Christmas celebrations.

But as that couple of drinks can at times turn into a few more, adding a drop or two of drinking water is certainly a smart move.

Here are five reasons why drinking water is good for you at Christmas:

Staying hydrated stops hangovers

It is true, all it takes to fend off a thumping headache the morning after the night before is to drink water alongside your alcohol. As well as possibly reducing the amount of alcohol consumed, sipping water on a night out rehydrates the body to counter the diuretic effects of alcohol.

Fizzy drinks can make you feel more intoxicated

Carbonated drinks quicken the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the body, making you feel drunk quicker. Rather than helping to maintain sobriety the effect can be quite the opposite. Stick to tap water for straight forward hydration.

Cut out the extra calories

There really is enough temptation at Christmas without adding in the calories found in soft drinks and alcohol. When festive indulgence is getting the better of you, cutting back on empty calories in fizzy drinks makes sense.

Protect your wellbeing

After the rush to get ready for Christmas, the parties and the last minute rush at work it is very easy to feel run down at Christmas. Water is a natural cleanser and, as well as keeping you hydrated and energised, it will help to flush toxins out of your body.

Be the designated driver and enjoy the morning after

Volunteering to drive can sometimes feel like missing out - but never does the following morning. Enjoy a full day and an early start with a clear head after a night sticking to water.

It may not be the first drink that springs to mind when you think of Christmas, but filtered water is the drink that will allow you to enjoy Christmas to the full.

Don't forget to hydrate when enjoying a Christmas tipple with a glass of filtered water - your body will thank you.

And if you leave things too late, water will quite possibly be your best friend in fighting a hangover.

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Daniel Berko