A kiln used for firing pottery in a pottery workshop, representing Doulton's roots.

Better by Nature since the 1800s

Doulton® Water Filters’ rich history dates back almost 200 years, when the renowned Royal Doulton’s ceramic craftsmen created filters that protected against water contaminated with cholera bacteria. In the years that followed, we expanded our expertise into carbon filters; which were commissioned by Queen Victoria herself; and rapidly earned recognition for our commitment to innovation – giving us a heritage built on knowledge, expertise and experience.

Our focus on progression continues to this very day. Doulton® remains a trusted name in water filters – bringing better, safer drinking water to people everywhere. And while we’re proud of our past, we continue to look to the future as the inventors and innovators of our sector.  

Image of the first ceramic water filter from the 1800's


  • John Doulton, Martha Jones and John Watts join forces to found the firm (then known as Jones, Watts and Doulton.)
  • Ceramic candle water filter in 1826 first crafted.
  • Developed by his son Henry Doulton, it became Britain's leading
    manufacturer of industrial ceramics.
  • Queen Victoria commissioned Doulton to produce a water filter
    for the Royal household. Doulton created a gravity fed stoneware
    filter that combined the technology of a ceramic filter with the
    artistry of a hand-crafted pottery water container.


  • King Edward knighted Henry Doulton and honoured the company by
    authorising it to use the word ROYAL in reference to its products.
  • Doulton introduced a filter for use in domestic water filtration
    throughout the world.
  • Achieved ISO 9002 accreditation.
  • Launched the Doulton brand into the USA.
  • Transitioned Doulton® ceramic water filters to British Berkefeld®
    Stainless Steel Gravity filter.
  • Presented with The Queens Award for Export Achievement
  • Presented with The Queens Award to IndustrY.
Henry Doulton
The Heritage Ceramic Filter


  • Rolls Royce plc. acquires Fairey Industrial Ceramics, and the company relocates to new, ISO 9001-certified facilities in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. 
  • Introduced The Heritage Ceramic Water Filter to celebrate our
    rich cultural legacy.
  • Introduced the Taste2 Stainless Steel Water bottle.
  • Modernised the ATC Super Sterasyl to the Ultra Sterasyl®.
  • Introduced the new and Improved Biotect Ultra.
  • Launched the Doulton® brand into Hong Kong and China.